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2019 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalog Volume 5A (N-Phil). 

Collectors of Philippine Republic stamps will be delighted to know that the Number One stamp catalog in the world finally recognized some of the varieties of the Philippine Republic issues including Perforation, Watermark/Paper, and Errors.  We noticed the additions to their listing beginning with the 1980 issues such as the Inverted Overprints on Scott #s 1479-1483, the 1980 Pope John Paul II (#s 1505-1511), The New Republic (#1531), the Tenant Emancipation (#1605 – Types 1 & 2), etc….  A must for every Philippine collector, we encourage everyone to get a copy.













Now available, award winning (NY World Stamp Show 2016) catalogs by Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak, Philippine Republic Stamps & Postal Stationeries,  Volumes 1 & 2.  For details, click here.



2018 STAMP PROGRAM (Tentative)




(Subject to change in designs & values, as warranted)
November 21

Municipality of Estancia Centenary - 12p x 2 Se-tenant Pair, S/40
November 23
2019 Year of the Pig - 12p, 45p Se-tenant Pair, MS/8;  200p Souvenir Sheet of One (Round stamp)
November 23 Postal Cards (designs that of 2017 250th Anniversary of Postal Service) - New Postal Museum Ground Breaking Ceremony
November 28 Thailand 2018 World Stamp Exhibition -  Philippine Lakes Souvenir Sheet with Additional Imprint
Fourth Quarter Topical.  Philippine Cuisines - 12p x 4 Se-tenant B/4, MS/16;  150p Souvenir Sheets/5 Circular Die-Cut with Round Stamps
December 5 Philippine-Croatia Diplomatic Relationship - 12p + 55p Souvenir Sheet of Two (No stamps)
December 7 Dagupan Doctors Villaflor Memorial Hospital, Inc. (DDVMHI) 50th Anniversary
December 10 General Santos City 50th Anniversary
17p x 4 Se-tenant B/4, Miniature Sheet of 16
December 17 Provincial Capital Building of Pangasinan Cetennial

November 14, 2018

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2018 Tentative Issues

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