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Ngo’s Catalogue of Philippine Republic Stamps & Postal Stationeries 2014 - Volume 2

World Stamp Show NY2016

May 28 - June 4, 2016, Javits Center, New York City

Volume 1 is the main volume, and Volume 2 lists specialized items and made the book truly comprehensive and covers practically every popular field in Republic philately.  Unfortunately, for some unforeseen circumstances, Volume1 was not available for judging;  for more details, click on CPNews.


Now Available - - - -

Ngo’s 2014 Catalogue of

Philippine Republic Stamps & Postal Stationeries,  Volumes 1 & 2


2016 Christmas Seals - Filipino Heritage



Se-tenant Sheets of 40 (Roulette and Imperforate)

Se-tenant Miniature Sheets of 20;  Progressive Color Proofs (9-stages)

To obtain copies, visit Philippine Tuberculosis Society's facebook page.


























GOOD NEWS – BAD NEWS.  Recent moves by Phlpost to benefit collectors of Philippine stamps:  1) elimination of VAT charges on Souvenir Sheets effective November 2, 2016.  Going forward, both stamps and souvenir sheets will be sold at face value;  2)  reducing the denomination of new issues from P15 to P12.  Both good news are due to the untiring efforts of APMG Luis Carlos. Thank you, Sir!

On the other hand, we have the following bad news:  effective January 1, 2017, domestic postal rates will go up for the first 01-50 oz from 12p to 18p; we expect these new rates will be reflected on all future new issues. Happy New Year!

2016 REVISED VAT SURCHARGES.  Circular No. 15-69 dated December 21, 2015 was signed by current OIC / PMG Joel Ottara imposing a 12% VAT on ALL products and services of Phlpost. So now it will cost 12% more, rounded up to the next peso, to mail anything starting Jan 2, 2016.  The VAT charges are now incorporated with the new postal rates.  See partial list here.

NEW POSTAL RATES:  Effective August 1, 2016, international postal rates will be increased.  As soon as we get our official list, we will publish it.  We presume that all new issues will reflect these new rates.


2016 & 2017 STAMP PROGRAMS (Tentative)





Hidilyn Diaz, First Filipino Silver Medal Winner, Weightlifting, Rio Summer Olympics - Souvenir Sheet




Popular Fruits (Definitives), 7-values:  3p,14p, 23p, 28p, 34p, 40p, 100p



November 25

Pasko 2016:  Christmas Lanterns
17p Se-tenant B/4 (Intaglio Printing)
Miniature Sheets of 16



December 1

2017 Year of the Rooster
12p, 55p Se-tenant Pairs, Miniature Sheets of 16
100p Souvenir Sheets
(Circular Stamp, 3D Embossing, Gold Foil)
December 3 UP College of Business Administration - 12p
December 20 Teresita "Mama Sita" Reyes - 12p
December 20 Catbalogan City, 400th Anniversary - 12p
December  Philippine Treasures
(from the Collection of Ayala Museum)
12p x 4 Se-tenant B/4, Miniature Sheets of 16
(3D Embossing & Spot Lamination),
200p Souvenir Sheets

December Commemorative Cover with Slogan Cancel:  Zonta Club: "No / Stop Violence Against Women"  (5 post offices)






January 17 Valentine's Day
January Philippines Hosts Miss Universe 2017
January ASEAN 50th Anniversary, Philippines as Host
February National College of Business & Arts - 50th Anniversary
March 27 Endemic Lizards - 1st Quarter Topical
April Phlpost Corporate 25th Anniversary
May 15 National Heritage Month:  Philippine Sunsets
May Mama Sita Centennial
June 12 Phillippine Independence, 1898-2017
June Philippine-France Diplomatic Relations - 70th Anniversary
August 14 Endemic Snakes - 2nd Quarter Topical
August Philippines-Cambodia Diplomatic Relations -
60th Anniversary
August ASEAN 50th Anniversary
September 5 National Teachers' Month
October 16 Endemic Flowers - 3rd Quarter Topical
November 25 Christmas
November National Stamp Collecting Month - Evolution of Jeepneys
December 1 2018 Chinese New Year
Pending Philippines-Switzerland Diplomatic Relations - 60th Anniversary
Jellyfishes of the Philippines  (Pearl Foil)
15p x 4 Se-tenant B/4, Miniature Sheets of 16

Pending Ternos by Ramon Valera,
12p x 4 Se-tenant B/4 (Silk stamps)
Miniature Sheets of 16

November 23, 2016

2016 RP Issues

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