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By Nemy L. Rivera

The Philippine 2008 Christmas Seals were different from previous years.  Instead of crafting a new seal design, it was decided to make productive use of the idle unsold inventories of past years.  Thus, the basic materials of the following years, in quantities indicated, were overprinted “2008 / Collect Seals”  in gold foil, and these constituted the Christmas Seals for the Year 2008 :  



 Perforated  (Gold)

 Imperforate (Gold)

 Souvenir Sheets 




Outstanding Filipinos of the Century


10,000 Sheets


100 Sheets


50 Sheets




Artwork by Filipino Artists


20,000 Sheets


100 Sheets


50 Sheets




Philippine Flower Festival


20,000 Sheets


100 Sheets


50 Sheets




Philippine Madonna


20,000 Sheets


100 Sheets


50 Sheets


Please click on the photos for larger illustrations:

Overprinted Sheets:


       1999                                           2002                                      2004                                    2005

Souvenir Sheets:       


In addition, an estimated twenty 4-year sets of perforated sheets of the same years were overprinted with the same caption but in silver foil instead of gold.  These were given to special guests free as “souvenirs” during the 2008 seal launching. 

          The following may be noted relative to the seal and the launch:  

a)  The silver foil overprinted sheets ran out during the launch, and PTSI claims it was unable to retain even a set for its files.  The entire stock of the regular gold foil overprinted souvenir sheets of the 4 years likewise ran out shortly after.

b)  It was discovered after the launch that the 2005 souvenir sheets overprinted in gold foil were all errors -  missing black color,  without main heading and all captions missing!


c)  In a Seal contest held in Paris, France by the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union), the Philippines Tuberculosis Society, Inc. was awarded 2nd Prize for its 2008 Seals.


The 2008 seals were launched in appropriate ceremonies held at Club Filipino, Greenhills, San Juan City on August 26, 2008.  The guest of honor was the Secretary of Social Welfare and Development Esperanza I. Cabral, who unfortunately could not come because of a sudden cabinet meeting, and instead sent a representative.  Highlight of the launch was the signing of the Souvenir Frame by the guest of honor, the president of  the Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc. (PTSI) and staff and  members of the Seal Committee, and its presentation to the PTSI Board of Directors. 


Photos from the launching of the 2008 Christmas Seals



The staff of Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc., and the TB Seal Committee, together with Mrs. Zeneida Quezon Avancena, PTSI Presideint (in blue dress) and Nemy L. Rivera, TB Seal Committee member.



TB Seals Committee members and collectors along with our very own Nemy L. Rivera (with red tie) and Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak (blue & white shirt)




At the head-table, L-R:  Engr. Romeo C. Ranjo, Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak, Al Meriales, Roberto V. Araos, Emilia Rivera, Nemi Rivera,

DSWD Under Secretary Lualhati Pablo, Manuel D. Baldemor



At the head-table, L-R:

Mrs. Zeneida Quezon Avancena, Dr. Felipe Estrella, Nonie Basilio, Gov. Leonida B. Ortiz, Dr. Camilo C. Roa, Jr., Atty. Teresita Cruz-Sison,

Maria Y. Feria, Dr. Elizabeth V. Cadena, Rex Lores



Presentation of Souvenir Frame of the 2008 Christmas Seals to the members of the Board of PTSI


Souvenir Frame and copy of Souvenir Program

(click on the photos for larger pictures)






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