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By Nemy L. Rivera

Within the context of printing stamps and seals,  an ESSAY may be defined as a study of a stamp or seal that has been proofed or printed, possibly by the same printer*,  but which was not adopted as the final approved design.

Illustrated hereunder are eight such essays of Philippine Christmas Seals:  (Please click on photos for larger illustrations)

1972 OVERSIZED ESSAYS.  A seal study each measuring 22 x 38 mm. in the same se-tenant pair design and color as was later approved for the regular seals ( but in a much smaller size of 17 x 22 mm each ).  These essays were uncovered only in 1985, and consisted of imperforate pairs and singles mounted together to form a composite sheet of 8 x 5 seals.  Simulated perforations were printed on a covering acetate overlay.  Only one sheet of this essay was found.  Printed by Eureka Specialty Printing Co., USA.  Rare. 


1985 ESSAY NO. 1.  Se-tenant seal designs and sheet composition of 10 x 5 seals the same as was later approved,  except the center seal slogan (seal position # 26) reads “Brighten your mails with SEALS this Christmas” in red,  instead of  “For a healthier community let’s fight TB”.  (Rizal green and vertical roulette shifted  4 mm. to the right.)   Printed by Kyodo Printing Co., Quezon City.   Rare. 

1985 ESSAY NO. 2.  Sheet composition and design the same as in Essay No. 1, except for the following changes:  a)  center seal slogan in seal position # 26, changed to “For a healthier community let’s fight TB”  printed in black instead of red;  b)  texts “PHILIPPINE TUBERCULOSIS SOCIETY, INC.” added to upper main caption;  and c) credit caption “PHILATELIC COUNSEL BY CARLOS INDUCTIVO AND GUSTAVO INGLES” added to bottom credits.  Same printer as Essay No. 1. 


MINOR 2000 ESSAY.  Top and bottom sheet captions printed in sans serif Arial type, instead of Roman serif type as used in final printing of seals. 


2004 ESSAY NO. 1.  Sheet in dark pink background, se-tenant seal design and sheet composition the same as was later approved, except that the painting in seal position # 9 was by Manuel D. Baldemor.  (At the last minute, this was replaced with painting by Julius Limpe.) Printed by Lawrian Press, Quezon City.   Extremely scarce. 

2004 ESSAY NO, 2.  All details the same as in 2004 Essay No. 1, except that the background color is deep yellow.  Same printer.   Extremely scarce. 


2006 ESSAY NO. 1.  Head caption at top of 2006 sheet reads “ANDRES BONIFACIO, PROFILES OF HEROISM”, instead of the later approved “ANDRES BONIFACIO, HEROISM IN BRONZE”.  Simulated perforation dots also printed between seals.  Otherwise se-tenant composition and design of seals the same as later approved.  Printed by Lawrian Press, Q. C. 

2006 ESSAY NO. 2.  (Author does not have a copy).  Head caption of sheet reads “ANDRES BONIFACIO,  BRAVERY IN BRONZE”.  Other details the same as in 2006 Essay No. 1.  Same printer.

·     Some of the foregoing essays might have been proofed by contracted color separators and not by the printer of the seals.  Quite possibly, there might be other essays that escaped our notice.  We shall appreciate any information, plus possibly a scan, of such material, from those who own or have access to these unlisted essays. 



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