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Beauty and Values Abound in the Philippine Christmas Seal Collection

by Nemy L. Rivera


Philippine Christmas seals are produced and sold every year by the Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc., a private organization founded primarily to combat tuberculosis.  Thus, these seals are often referred to as "TB Christmas Seals".

The Christmas Seals section of this website will be devoted to those issued by the Philippines.  We are happy to announce that no other than the Father of Philippine Christmas Seals, Nemy L. Rivera,  will contribute most, if not all,  of the information.  He has agreed to share his extensive knowledge on the subject.

We will also feature the Philippine Tuberculosis Society (PTS), the issuing body of Philippine Christmas Seals.  We are thankful for their untiring efforts in helping fight tuberculosis.

Since this is about raising funds to combat tuberculosis in the country, we will also provide a listing of semi-postal stamps issued by the Bureau of Posts, now Philippine Postal Corporation, proceeds of which go to the PTS.

To keep up with the spirit of Christmas, postage stamps of the Philippines issued to celebrate Christmas will be included.



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