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“Pinoy Art on Wheels”


By Nemy L. Rivera

The Philippine Christmas seal design of 2009 was a resumption of the painting series initiated and organized pro-bono since year 2000 by international artist Manuel D. Baldemor, after a recent 3-year interruption. 


In 2006, in a fervor of nationalism, Andres Bonifacio was extolled in varied angle photo shots of the Caloocan monument, dovetailed to compose the seal sheet for that year.   

In 2007, design centered on the centennial celebration of the scouting movement, and featured various boy scout activities on a se-tenant sheet format. Both issues were likewise coordinated by Manny Baldemor.  

In 2008, primarily to scrimp on seal production costs,  prescribed quantities of unsold seal inventories were simply overprinted with “2008 / Collect Seals”. The economics worked fine, and incidentally, a recent rarity was produced – the silver- foil overprinted versions which were given away free, and ran out, during the launching of the seals. 


Figure 1.  Souvenir Sheet

The theme of the 2009 seals is capsulized in the title “ Pinoy Art on Wheels “  Forty artwork and photo seals on the sheet showcased wheeled transportation of all sorts, from old to new, from oxen, mule,  horse and carabao drawn carts, calesas, bicycles, scooters, jeepneys, cars, even to an ice cream cart,  all focusing on man’s ageless invention – the wheel.  Almost excusably, however, three seals in the sheet did not show any wheel.


Figure 2.  2009 Christmas Seals Sheet of 40



Participating Artists to the 2009 Christmas Seals of the Philippines:

“Pinoy Art on Wheels”


Dante Hipolito


Ed Santiago


Edgar Doctor


Ephraim Samson


Amador Barguilla


Julius Limpe


Jun Martinez


Al Perez


Romeo Gutierrez


Rudolf Gonzales


Steve Santos


Ton Raymundo


Dominic Rubio


Norma Belleza


Rollie D. Yusi


Rafael Gonzales


Marcel Antonio




Manuel D. Baldemor


Aldrino Abes


Antonio Mahilum








Isabel Limpe




Antonio Bandalan


Jose Datuin


Monnar Baldemor


Ben Gonzales


Herzon de la Rosa


Antonio Austria


Joseph Bañez


Mario Parial


Marivic Formoso


Manuel Rodriguez Sr.


Aris Abalos


Henry Ordona


Jomar Delluba


Danilo Franco


Arranged according to seal appearance,  Left to Right


Perforated sheets -  80,000 

Imperforate sheets – 1,000 

Souvenir Sheets (Imperforate) 300 

9-stage progressive color proofs - 30 sets:

(1) yellow, (2) red,  (3) yellow + red,   (4) blue,  (5) yellow + blue'  (6)  red + blue,  (7) yellow + red + blue,  (8) black,  (9)  complete design





Fig. 3.  Early color separation proof showing controversial seal at the bottom left corner of 2009 sheet.


A minor controversy was created by a photo of a seal at the bottom left corner of the sheet, position # 36, (by Jasper Penullar) showing two young boys peeing on a jeepney wheel.  Due to an objection from a PTSI official, the offending seal was deleted and replaced with an artwork seal by Manuel Rodriguez, Jr. (Personally, the author feels that the deletion of this innocently naughty  true- to- life seal, was a loss to the realism of the design.)


The new Christmas Seals were launched August 26, 2009 at the Shangri-la Cuisine, in Quezon City.  There was full attendance by local postmasters / postmistresses and staff, headed by Postmaster General Hector R. R. Villanueva, with participating artists, collectors, seal committee members and PTSI managers and personnel.  As in previous launches, the ceremony culminated in the signing and presentation of the 2009 Souvenir Frames, led by PTSI president Zeneida Quezon Avanceña.

Photos from the launching of the 2009 Christmas Seals


Presentation of Souvenir Frame to PTSI Board Members: 

(L-R)  Mrs. Thelma M. Arceo, Mrs. Nelia T. Gonzales, Postmaster General Hector R. R. Villanueva,

Mrs. Maria Zeneida Quezon Avanceña, Dr. Felipe A. Estrella, Jr., Dr. Ma. Alicia M. Lim, Mr. Rex D. Lores



TB Seals Committee Members and Guests:  (L-R) 

Mr. Rex D. Lores, Mr. Manuel D. Baldemor, Mrs. Maria Zeneida Quezon Avanceña, PMG Hector R.R. Villanueva, Roberto V. Araos, Mr. Nemy L. Rivera, Mrs. Emilia Rivera, Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak


Presidential Table:  (L-R)  Mrs. Nelia T. Gonzales, President, Asiaworld Properties, and, General Campaign Chairman of 2009 Anti-TB Educational and Fund Campaign;  Mrs. Maria Zeneida Quezon Avanceña, PTSI President;  Mrs. Thelma Arceo, and Dr. Felipe Estrella, PTSI Board Members



Presidential Table:  (L-R)  Dr. Elizabeth V. Cadena, PTSI Deputy Executive Director; 

Mrs. Emilia Rivera, Mr. Nemy L. Rivera, Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak


Presidential Table:  Mr. Robert V. Araos, Mr. Manuel D. Baldemor,

Mr. Rex D. Lores, PMG Hector R. R. Villanueva




Articles by Nemy L. Rivera

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