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30 December


As we approach New Year, we reflect on 2016 and Republic New Issues.  Thanks to Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak, the VAT charges on all souvenir sheets were eliminated beginning November 2, 2016.  For more than four months, Dr. Ngo and APMG Luis Carlos worked on this tirelessly. 

Dr. Ngo refused to give up especially after two rate changes making ALL postage rates become VAT inclusive and yet the Philatelic Section still continued to sell souvenir sheets with the additional VAT.  Dr. Ngo was the only one who spent time and efforts to see to it that this is stopped. APMG Luis agreed with Dr. Ngo and shared his opinion from the very start.  APMG Carlos wrote several memos/letters and held several discussions especially with the Finance Department who sat on this matter for a long time.   OIC Joel Ottara (now PMG) himself signed the circular to make the termination effective.

Dr. Ngo’s other efforts, like reducing the denomination for new issues from 15p to 12p, although late in implementation, further reduced the burden to Philippine collectors. Dr. Ngo pointed out to Phlpost that even though postage was increased from 10p to 12p starting January 2, 2016, all programmed new issues have 15p denominations, which fulfills only the rate for postcards, a seldom used rate!


23 October


New Chairman of the Board -Phlpost


The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPOST) announced today that Mr. Norman N. Fulgencio, 46, had been elected to its board as its Chairman on November 17, 2016 pursuant to the appointment by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (PRRD). 

Mr. Fulgencio used to be a top executive of several logistics companies prior to joining the administration of PRRD. His more than two decades of experience and achievement s in the logistics industry are viewed to be the fresh and robust beginning to improve the productivity and efficiency of PHLPost towards logistics development and infrastructure formation to better serve the Filipino people. 

Mr. Norman N. Fulgencio is currently the youngest Chairman of the Board in the history of PHLPost.


19 October



The November 11 Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) stamps were seen being SOLD in ebay as of October 19.  It was learned that these were mistakenly sold by Phlpost to a few dealers on October 17, along with the PAL and Philtrust stamps (both of which have an official issue dates of Oct. 19).  It was gathered that the buyers were informed about the erroneous advanced sale and to hold off offering them to the public, but it appears the SEC stamps were still offered for sale many weeks before the scheduled first day of issue.



17 June


Congratulations to Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak for receiving a Large Silver award for the Volume 2 of his catalog - Ngo’s Catalogue of Philippine Republic Stamps & Postal Stationeries 2014.  Although both Volumes 1 and 2 were submitted, unfortunately, for some unforeseen circumstances, Volume1 was not available for judging.

It was learned by Dr. Ngo that Volume 1 of his entry was either “not received or was stolen”, therefore, only Volume 2 was available for the jury to judge.  Dr. Ngo protested and was invited by no less than FIP President, Tay Peng Hian, to re-enter in PhilaTaipei 2016 where both volumes can be reviewed and awarded accordingly.  PhilaTaipei 2016  is the: World Stamp Championship Exhibition under the patronage of Federation Internationale Philatelie (FIP) to be held in October.

Volume 1 is the main volume, and Volume 2 lists specialized items and made the book truly comprehensive and covers practically every popular field in Republic philately.


9 February


The Perum Peruri stamps.  We heard from several collectors from Manila about the Popular Fruits issue and many observations, mostly not favorable, are:  because of the large perforations and thick paper, they are very difficult to tear apart;  the paper surface is not glossy but matte, so the stamps look so dull compared with Amstar printings.  The printing looks so inferior in quality as many stamps are not well-centered – color mis-registrations were noted in some sheets.  It seems that Amstar, the local printer, can do a much better job.  Do we really need to go outside the country to print stamps that are more inferior in quality?


20 January


NEMI RIVERA, R.I.P.  We are sad to report the passing of our good friend NEMI RIVERA.  Known as Father of Philippine Christmas Seals, Nemi was instrumental for the Christmas Seals section of our website.  His knowledge and enthusiasm kept the hobby alive.  We would like to extend our condolence and prayers to his family.  Nemi Rivera will be forever remembered.


4 January.

2016 REVISED VAT SURCHARGES.  Circular No. 15-69 dated December 21, 2015 was signed by current OIC Joel Ottara imposing a 12% VAT on ALL products and services of Phlpost. So now it will cost 12% more, rounded up to the next peso, to mail anything starting Jan 2, 2016.  The VAT charges are now incorporated with the new postal rates:

Weight        (in grams) Ordinary Mail Registered Mail
  Intra-Province Inter-Land Inter-Air Intra-Province Inter-Land Inter-Air
20 12.00 14.00 17.00 23.00 28.00 34.00
21-50 17.00 23.00 28.00 34.00 40.00 45.00
51-100 28.00 34.00 40.00 56.00 62.00 68.00
101-250 40.00 51.00 56.00 68.00 73.00 79.00
251-500 62.00 73.00 79.00 79.00 84.00 90.00
501-1000 73.00 90.00 101.00 90.00 107.00 129.00
1001-1500 90.00 107.00 118.00 107.00 124.00 152.00
1501-2000 112.00 129.00 140.00 124.00 140.00 168.00
Intra-Province:  when a letter is posted from a certain province and deliverable within the same province (Local)
Inter-Land:  when a letter is posted from a certain province and deliverable to another province.  The conveyance / transport of mail is by land.
Inter-Air:  when a letter is posted from a certain city/municipality or province and deliverable to another city/municipality or province.  The conveyance/transport of mail is by air.






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