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05 August



The tale of two Printers and one Mismanaged order ....

The Bandung Souvenir Sheet scheduled for release August 3, the same day the exhibition was to open in Indonesia, has been cancelled.   We learned that Amstar, the local printer, declined to print it on such short notice.  The order to Amstar had not been sent as of July 31 with the representative of Philpost scheduled to leave early morning of August 2!  We also learned a delegation headed by APMG Luis Carlos together with Gilbert "Bong" Javier and Mark Laurente of Corporate Communications (CorCom)  went to Indonesia, too.

Originally, the Bandung Souvenir Sheet will be a continuation of the Chinese New Year special 3-stamp Souvenir Sheet series to be printed with foil stamping by Thai-British, but due to delay in submitting the design, Thai-British,  turned down the order, too. 


13 June


It's over a month now since Phlpost website went down.  It seems that none of the officials of Phlpost is concerned about this.  Gross mismanagement????



06 March


In follow-up of our 2016 report concerning the abolishment of the VAT, we recently obtained a copy of  Circular No. 16-69 abolishing the 12% VAT on souvenir sheets, dated October 26, 2016.  For more than four months, Dr. Ngo Tong Tak and APMG Luis Carlos worked on this tirelessly:



To see our initial report, click on 2016 CPNews.


05 February


Philippine Stamp Committee Reorganized.  Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak has been added to the Philippine Stamp Committee effective January 2017.  Dr. Ngo comes with an impressive Philatelic background, having been a member of Stamp Committee several times in the past.  His Philatelic data speaks for itself, click here for more information.

He is joining the following:  Chairman:  Hon. Joel L. Ottara, Postmaster General;  Vice-Chairman:  Luis D. Carlos, APMG for Marketing & Management Services;  Members:  Alvin Alcid, National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP);  Nemesio Miranda, National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA);  Rey Ong, Philippine Philatelic Federation;  Atty. Cecilio N. Tobilio, Philatelist.


01 February


Generic Personalized Stamps.  No more personalized sheets will be sold with blank labels, due to the emergence in the internet of privately printed sheets with non-acceptable designs (indecent, political, etc..).  Now, collectors have generic sheets to buy, printed with Phlpost designs.   Those who want to have personalized sheets can go to PostShop, MCPO, where a photo booth will be available to take one’s picture.  A design may also be submitted for printing, subject for approval.


The first to be issued with generic designs are the Revalued 2016 Manila Central Post Office (MCPO) Personalized Stamps.  With a delayed release of February 1, 2017, some 2,000 sheets were printed of which 500 with generic designs;  the rest of 1,500 sheets are now available for personalization.  We recently learned that two stamp dealers from Manila were able to buy this issue with blank labels by mistake.  None were sold after this mistake.


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