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20 January


PRESS RELEASE:   PHLPost Suspends Mail Service in Towns Near Taal Volcano

January 20, 2020   Posted By: Corp.Comm

Mail acceptance and deliveries in Agoncillo, Laurel, Lemery, San Nicolas, Taal, Talisay and within the danger zone areas in Batangas province where temporarily suspended until further announcement.

This after people in these areas where forced to evacuate because of possible "hazardous" eruption in the coming hours or days. Alert Level 4 remains in the province.

The cancelation of flights in previous days caused by the eruption of Taal volcano and the suspension of work at its main hub at Central Mail Exchange Center in Pasay City, has affected its international and provincial dispatches and are now experiencing delays.

Taal Volcano in Batangas province is a popular tourist attraction and the only volcano in the world within a lake on an island. The volcano and its Lake gives one of the iconic views of the Philippines in the City of Tagaytay, another popular tourist spot due to its cool climate.

PHLPost is now closely monitoring the situation and advises the public to wait for further announcement or advisory.


























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