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Errors, Freaks & Oddities (EFOs)

- Offsets -

An additional unintended impression, in whole or in part, of the stamp design on the face or back of a stamp, caused by wet printing ink coming into contact with the surface that bears the additional impression.  Appears most commonly at the back of a stamp.  The design appears reversed that is, it reads from right to left, instead of from left to right.



Errors, Freaks & Oddities  (EFOs)

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  • Multiple EFOs per issue

EFO Catalog




1979.  75s Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines, with Black offset on gummed-side. 

1979.  2p30 Air France 25th Anniversary in the Philippines, featuring the Concorde.  With Blue offset on gummed side.

1975.  60s Holy Year issue featuring the San Sebastian Church, with Black offset on gummed-side.



1976.  2p00 World Chess Championship, with Red offset on gummed-side.

1978.  2p30 Benguet Consolidated 75 Years of Mining,
with Black offset on gummed-side.

1977.  2p30 Galicano Apacible definitive issue, with Blue offset on gummed-side.







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