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(Philippine Journal of Philately, Sept-Oct 1952)

PEERLESS Philatelist of the Philippines is undoubtedly, Don Jesus Cacho, the present president of the Asociacion Filatelica de Filipinas, and well-known business­man and sportsman.  Perhaps no other collector can parallel, in quality, the Philippine collection that Don Jesus possesses.

Don Jesus’ ability as a business­man is evidenced by his being at present, partner, president, and general manager of Cacho Her­manos, Inc., one of the largest and most modern printing houses and lithographers in the Islands. Besides, he is President of the Pan Pacific Advertisers Inc.; Vice-President, Penny Electric Co.; Vice President, Gold Star Mining Co.; owner of "El Paraiso", well known fruit and flower plantation in Mountain Province; and Director of other entities.

As a sportsman, Don Jesus is a prominent figure in the horse­racing circles. A horse enthusiast, he owned several racing horses until the outbreak of the war. Lately, he was appointed Racing Commissioner of the Games and Amusement Board, having forty years of experience in this sport of kings. He is an active member of the Club Filipino, Casino Es­pañol, Manila Polo Club, etc.

As a philatelist, Don Jesus Cacho has no peer. At the first Far Eastern Philatelic Exhibition (FEPEX) held in Manila in February, 1937, his valuable collections, mounted in 82 frames, were exhibited to the public for the first time. So unique were his stamps that they were highly acclaimed. No wonder, Don Jesus captured the Grand Prize and all first prizes for the following entries:


(1) Philippines: Spanish Domi­nation Air Mail and Flown Covers, Rarities, Errors, Varieties and Cu­riosities.

(2) China

(3) Hongkong

(4) British Colonies

(5) Siam

(6) Indo-China

(7) Dutch East Indies

(8) Spain and her Colonies

(9) Air Mail Covers of the World (P. I. excluded)

This was the first and last ex­hibition participated in by Don Jesus, who wishes to give his fellow collectors the opportunity to win prizes at local stamp expositions.

Noteworthy among his treasured collections is a complete set of the famous "Broken Wing", the only set now in existence.  Aside from this set, Don Jesus has in his possession, a block of 16 stamps of the 16c "Red Sampson” of the Madrid-Manila issue, (Scott's No. 310B) with a "Broken Wing", the only block of 16 known in existence.  Other philatelic gems in his Philippine collections are:  - Stampless covers from 1844 to 1853, covers franked with stamps dated from 1854 to date;  his latest discovery, the "10 cuartos" bisected stamp of 1854 (Scott 2-A) on cover dated "Manila, July 6, 1857";  the famous error "CORROS"; the 36 stamps which bear three types of surcharge of the Philippine local postage stamps of 1898 issued by the municipal government of San Fernando, La Union. (These last 36 stamps came from the Ferrari collection). He also has the admirable collection of full sheets since 1928 beginning with the London Orient Flight issue up to the Japanese Occupation with the exception of (Scott's No. 445) 4-peso blue and black overprinted small "Commonwealth".

Don Jests started collecting stamps while still a student, beginning with various stamps of the world taken different kinds of packages which he bought from time to time. In 1927 he started specializing in Philippine stamps on suggestion of the late philatelist,  Don Jose Castañer of Manila.

Born in Iloilo, Iloilo, on January 7, 1894, Don Jesus studied at the San Juan de Letran College and at the University of Santo Tomas, graduating from the latter with B.S.C. and LL.B. degrees. He Is married to the former Rosario Gonzalez  Azaola, with whom he has seven children, namely, Delie (now Mrs. Tony Castillejo), Mariles, Mila (now Mrs. Manolet Araneta), Marilu, Mari, Jesus Javier, and Jose Luis.

The popularity of Don Jesus as a philatelist is best shown by the chain of position he now holds. Besides being president of the Asociacion Filatelica de Filipinas, he is Honorary President, Phil­ippine Air Mail Society; President, First Philippine Air Mail Exhi­bition (PAMEX) held is February 1939;  Chairman, Executive Committee of the 25th Anniversary of the Asociacion Filatelica de Filipinas celebrated in May 1950; Act­ing Chairman, Pan Asian Philatelic Exhibition to be held November 16-22, 1952; Chairman, Advisory Committee on Stamp Designs, Bu­reau of Posts; Member, American Air Mail Society and Collectors Club of New York; etc. He holds the distinction of having received the first decoration for meritorious services to the AFF.


By Nestor Gonzalez

(Philippine Journal of Philately, Sept-Oct 1949)

In the world of philately, perhaps there is no other collector that has the most complete collection of Philippine stamps than Don Je­sus Cacho, president and one of the founders of the Asociacion Filatelica de Filipinas.

Don Jesus was born in Iloilo City, Iloilo, on January 7, 1894, studied in San Juan de Letran and transferred to the University of Santo Tomas where he obtained his degrees of B.S.C. and LL.B.  Don Jesus, a pro­minent businessman and sportsman, is at present partner and General Manager of Cacho Hermanos, Inc., one of the largest and modern printers and lithographers in the Islands;  President and Executive Producer of the X-otic Productions, the Philippines' most modern and successful moving picture company; a member of the Santa Ana Turf Club and Manila Jockey Club and has been appointed Commissioner of the Philippine Racing Commission.

While still a student, Don Jesus stamps by buying packets of dif­ferent kinds. It was not until 1927 when the great philatelist Don Jose Castaner suggested that, Don Jesus, as a Filipino, should specialize in Philippine stamps and start by buy­ing the complete collection of "Broken Wing" which was at that time on sale. Since then he has, with enthusiasm, dedicated his ef­forts in completing his Philippine collection and to his satisfaction, and for us all, he owns one of the most complete collections, and has in his possession various specimens that are the only ones in existence. Upon having completed his collec­tion, it was awarded first prize in the First Philatelic Exhibition or­ganized by the Asociacion Filatelica de Filipinas.  At the Far East­ern Philatelic Exhibition (FEPEX), the Grand Award went to Don Jesus' collection together with various first prizes at other ex­hibitions.

During the Japanese Occupation, Don Jesus kept himself from saluting Japanese sentries by keeping busy with his stamps at home, and in a way forgot the distasteful and disgusting incidents of the war. It was at this time, too, that Don Jesus formed the Rizaliana collection which by his doing so found 600 varieties in the 2c Rizal surcharged, OB Commonwealth, big and small.  So great is his love for stamps that during the evacuation he carried  with him the complete Philippine collection, then buried it in mountains in Baguio, and in that way saved it completely.

Liberation came, and Don Jesus acquired the hobby of collecting coins used in the Philippines, United States and Mexico. Although he has just been engaged a few years in coin collecting, Don Jesus has a great number of them and so neatly arranged in the most modern way. He is very much interested in coins now but this still doesn't keep him away from stamps whenever he has the opportunity of acquiring good specimens offered to him.

Stamp collecting is not only a good hobby to pass the time with, but is beneficial and instructive, too. Once you start appreciating stamps and gradually complete your collec­tion, you'll be proud in showing your friends the very fruits of your efforts during the years of struggle and patience, and your collection will grow just as your increasing love for stamps.



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