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We pay tribute to those who paved the way to future students of Philippine Philately.  They were the ones who kept the hobby alive with their collections and researches.  There are no current biographies available, therefore, we are reprinting those that were published in the now defunct Philippine Journal of Philately, circa 1940's - 1960's.


Aguinaldo, Leopoldo (PJP Nov-Dec 1948)

Aldaba, Amado (PJP Nov-Dec 1950)

Blum, Charles  (PJP Jan-Feb 1954)

Cacho, Jesus  (PJP Sept-Oct 1952)

Chong, Yang Siu  (PJP May-Jun 1953)

Corvera, Hernando  (PJP May-Jun 1950)

Cuaderno, Felipe  (PJP Nov-Dec 1950)

De Jesus, Rogelio  (PJP May-Jun 1950)

De Matute, Luis  (PJP Jul-Aug 1950)

Francisco, Hernando  (PJP Mar-Apr 1960)

Goldenberg, Michael  (PJP Nov-Dec 1948)

Hidalgo, Felipe  (PJP Jan-Feb 1949)

Kelly, Pat  (PJP Nov-Dec 1952)

Leviste, Feliciano  (PJP May-Jun 1959)

Ortiz, Joaquin  (PJP Mar-Apr 1951)

Pardo de Tavera, Don Joaquin (PJP Jan-Feb 1949)

Perez, Gilbert  (PJP Sept-Oct 1949)






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