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1946, July 4.  Declaration of Independence

Engraved.  U.S. Bureau of Printing (USBP).  Perf 11

Singles, Sheets of 30


    2c  Lady & Flags - Singles  (5,142,000)

    6c  Lady & Flags - Singles  (3,072,000) 

  12c  Lady & Flags - Singles  (1,023,000)



First Day Covers:  Manila  (Known printed cachets)





1946 Declaration of Independence

The United States of America granted independence to the Philippines on July 4, 1946. In accordance with the Philippine Independence Act (more popularly known as the "Tydings–McDuffie Act"), President Harry S. Truman issued Proclamation 2695 of July 4, 1946 officially recognizing the independence of the Philippines.



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