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1947, August 1.  Pictorials, Series 3 (Definitives)

Engraved.  American Bank Note Company (ABNC).  Perf. 12

Singles, Sheets of 100


    4c  Rizal Monument - Singles  (122,501,500)

   1p  Colonade of Palm Trees - Singles  (5,000,000)


Note:  Quantities shown has taken into considerations additional printings, minus overprints & surcharges for each value.


First Day Covers:  Manila  (Known printed cachets)




1947 Pictorials - Series 3  (Definitives)

Rizal Monument.  (Original title: Motto Stella – Latin for "guiding star").  A memorial in Rizal Park in Manila built to commemorate the executed Filipino nationalist, José Rizal. The monument consists of a standing bronze sculpture of Rizal, with an obelisk, set on a stone base within which his remains are interred, holding his 2 famous novels "El Filibusterismo and Noli Me Tangere". A plaque on the pedestal's front reads: "To the memory of José Rizal, patriot and martyr, executed on Bagumbayan Field December Thirtieth 1896. This monument is dedicated by the people of the Philippine Islands."

The perimeter of the monument is guarded continuously by the Philippine Marine Corps’ Marine Security and Escort Group, the changing of the guard having become a daily ritual. About 100 m (330 ft) north-northwest of the monument is the exact location where Rizal was executed, marked by life-size dioramas depicting his final moments. The landmark is the most recognizable monument in Luneta. The Rizal Monument serves a meaningful national heritage for Filipinos, commemorating the heroic act of Jose Rizal to his country.

Colonade of Palm Trees.  Believed to be based on a photograph depicting a line of palm trees outside the Wall of Intramuros.



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