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1948, October 31.  Boy Scouts of the Philippines, Silver Jubilee

Typographed.  Philippine Bureau of Printing.  Perf. 12, Imperforate

Singles, Sheets of 50



    2c  Boy Scout - Singles Perf (1,500,000), Imperf (500,000)

    4c  Boy Scout - Singles Perf (1,000,000), Imperf (500,000)


First Day Covers:  Manila + 16 Chartered Cities & Provincial Capitals  (Known printed cachets)



Boy Scouts of the Philippines 25th Anniversary

Boy Scouts of the Philippines was organized as Philippine Council Boy Scouts of America in 1923 and formally created on October 31, 1936 by Commonwealth Act No. 111.   On October 1, 1946 it was accorded membership in the International Scout Conference (now World Scout Conference).  It is the biggest youth organization in the country which aims to develop good citizenship among boys through character building, promoting physical, mental and spiritual development.



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