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1950, May 22.  Asociacion Filatelica de Filipinas (AFF) Silver Jubilee

Engraved.  American Bank Note Company,  Perf. 12.

Singles, Sheets of 100;  Souvenir Sheets of One



    4c  U.S. Pres. Roosevelt, The Stamp Collector - Singles  (2,000,000)

    6c  U.S. Pres. Roosevelt, The Stamp Collector - Singles  (2,000,000)

  18c  U.S. Pres. Roosevelt, The Stamp Collector - Singles  (1,000,000)


   80c Souvenir Sheets of One   (99,896)  (Originally 100,000 less 104 spoiled copies that were burned in 1974)


Design.  Depicts United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a Stamp Collector.  President Roosevelt was an Honorary Member of the A.F.F.


First Day Covers:  Manila & Manila Exhibition Hall AFF Postal Station  (Known printed cachets)







History.  Founded in 1925, Asociacion Filatelica de Filipinas (AFF) was conceived under the initiative Don Joaquin Ortiz.  The preliminary organization meeting of the Association was held on April 19, 1925.  It was held at the office of Don Joaquin Ortiz, at 116 Sta. Potenciana St., Intramu­ros (Walled City), Manila.

Three weeks thereafter, on May 10, 1925, with a handful of Manila collectors, the Association was duly organized.  Its organization was held at the pre­mises of the Hotel Palma de Ma­llorca, in Intramuros, Manila. Among its original organizers were:  Dr. Ricardo A. Reyes, Don Juan Mencarini, Don Remigio Garcia,  Don Domingo Quintos. Don Joaquin Ortiz, Mr. Charles Banks, Don Emilio S. Mallari, Mr. Mi­chael Goldenberg, Don Manuel Lim. Don Jose Castaner, Don Angel Mar­tinez, Don Agripino Mendoza, Don Cayetano Soler, and Mr. Sy Eng Kiy.

Election of the first Board of Directors of the Association was held on the same date, elected were the following:

Don Juan Mencarini - President

Don Remigio Garcia - Vice-President

Don Domingo Quintos - Secretary

Don R. de Cartagena - Treasurer

Don Charles Blum - Auditor

Dr. Ricardo A. Reyes - Director of Exchange

Don Joaquin Ortiz - Asst. Director of Exchange


U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt – The Stamp Collector

It’s no secret that long before he held public office, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was an avid stamp collector. What’s more surprising is how the man who would become America’s longest-serving president changed the nature of stamp collecting forever.

Roosevelt began collecting as an eight-year-old, when his mother introduced him to the hobby. Sara Delano Roosevelt had been a stamp collector as a child, her collection bolstered by her father’s frequent trips to the Far East.

“At the time, collecting was thought to be a child’s hobby,” says Anthony Musso, author of FDR and the Post Office, a historical account of Roosevelt’s devotion to stamps and the Post Office Department.  FDR’s collection grew, and several years later, he received his mother’s collection, which was passed to him through the hands of her younger brother, Frederic.

Even then, Roosevelt used stamps as educational tools, putting one or two stamps on a single page of an album and annotating the rest of the page with notes about the history of the person or event depicted in the image. Historians point to this self-education as a key to Roosevelt’s political strength and success: It equipped him with expansive knowledge of geography and the international community.

What’s more, says Musso, “Roosevelt got great personal enjoyment and intellectual satisfaction from his stamps.”  So great was the future president’s passion that in four separate personal letters, he credited stamp collecting with saving his life after his polio diagnosis in 1921, when Roosevelt was 39. “I owe my life to my hobbies — especially stamp collecting,” he famously said. 







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