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1950, April 14.  Bureau of Forestry, 50th Anniversary

Engraved.  American Bank Note Company,  Perf. 12.

Singles, Sheets of 100



    2c  Red Lauan Tree - Singles  (5,000,000)

    4c  Red Lauan Tree - Singles  (4,000,000)


First Day Covers:  Manila  (Known printed cachets)







June 1863.  The "Inspeccion General de Montes" was inaugurated under the Spanish Government pursuant to a Spanish Royal Decree under the Direccion General de Administracion Civil whose function was to determine, through data collection, the extent of the country's forest resources and oversee their proper utilization.

April 14, 1900.  The "Inspeccion" was renamed into Forestry Bureau by the U.S. Military Governor in the Philippines with the issuance of General Order No. 50. Captain George P. Ahern, of the 96th U.S. Infantry, was named as its first Director. 

September 6, 1901. The Forestry Bureau was changed to Bureau of Forestry and was placed under the newly created Department of Interior by virtue of Act No. 222.

1910s. The establishment of the Forester’s Training School in Los Baños gave opportunity for Filipinos to be trained and educated with Forestry Science. The first generation of graduates assumes the position of the Bureau of Forestry.

November 18, 1916.  The Department of Interior was abolished and transferred all its functions and authority to the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR). Under Act, the DANR took "direct executive control, direction and supervision of the Bureau of Agriculture, Bureau of Forestry, Bureau of Lands, Bureau of Science and the Weather Bureau and all matters concerning hunting, fisheries, sponges and other sea products and such others as may be hereafter assigned to it by Act 2666.





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