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1950, March 1 & 3.  Jaycees Fifth World Congress

(Junior Chamber of Commerce International)

Engraved.  American Bank Note Company,  Perf. 12.

Singles, Sheets of 100




March 1, 1950  (Air Mail)

30c  Map of the Philippines, Globe - Singles  (5,000,000)

50c  Map of the Philippines, Globe - Singles  (4,000,000)


March 3, 1950  (Domestic / Ordinary)


  2c  Map of the Philippines, Globe - Singles  (5,000,000)

  4c  Map of the Philippines, Globe - Singles  (4,000,000)

18c  Map of the Philippines, Globe - Singles  (1,400,000)


Note:  Quantities shown has taken into considerations surcharge of 1,600,000 out of 3,000,000 issued for the 18c.


First Day Covers:  Manila, Manila Hotel  (Known printed cachets)







The JCI Philippines (Philippine Jaycees) Story

By JCI Sen. Reginald T. Yu

2002 National Secretary-General, JCI Manila

The Philippine Jaycees, now JCI Philippines, is the first nationally organized leadership development organization established in Asia. It began when two delegates from the Manila Jaycees, Gregorio M. Feliciano and Jose N. Mayuga, attended the 3rd World Congress of the Junior Chamber International held at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to petition for the admission of the chapter to the world-wide organization. They came back to Manila on March 10, 1948 with the charter for the national chamber that was to be known as the Philippine Jaycees, and the distinction for Jaycee Gregorio M. Feliciano for being the first Filipino Vice-President for Asia of Junior Chamber International.

Two circumstances paved the way for the Jaycee’s transplantation in Asia through the Philippines. First, its historical ties with the United States, and Second, the restlessness of its young professionals to help the country recover from the ravages wrought by the Pacific War.

The first Philippine Jaycee National Convention was held at the Manila Hotel from February 11-13, 1949. Following the approval of the Constitution and By-laws of the Philippine Jaycees, the first set of national officers was elected with Ramon V. del Rosario as National President.

That same month, sixteen Filipino Jaycees attended the 4th JCI World Congress in Brussels, Belgium. The rather large delegation impressed the Jaycees from the different countries that they voted to hold the 5th JCI World Congress in Manila the following year.   

At the 5th JCI World Congress held from March 1-8, 1950, Vice-President Fernando G. Lopez and other officials of the Philippine Government addressed the delegates. A momentous highlight of the assembly was the election of Ramon V. del Rosario as the sixth JCI World President, the first Filipino and Asian to hold that position. Two years later, another Filipino by the name of Roberto T. Villanueva, was elected to the same office.




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