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2003, November 13 (17).   Provisional Issue - Surcharged

2001 Presidential Seal Surcharged in Black

Litho Offset.  Amstar Company, Inc.,  Perf. 13.5

Singles, Sheets of 200



  1p on 5p  Presidential Seal Black Overprint -  Singles  (3.561,400)


Original Stamp Designer:  Alfonso V. Divina

Original Stamp Design Coordinator:  Augusto V. De Viana

Original Stamp Graphic Artist:  Edgar P. Patricio


First Day Covers:  Manila




The original stamps were issued on April 5, 2001 as part of the Presidential Seal definitive series.  Sales of the stamps were stopped and remainders recalled and sent to the stamp vaults upon the discovery of forgeries in early 2002.  With the pressing need for P1.00 and P6.00 stamps, part of over 28,000,000 stamps in storage were taken out of the stamp vault and surcharged with the new values.

Seal of the President of the Republic of the Philippines

The Sea Lion represents the heraldic symbol of Filipinas ultramar.  The Katipunan triangle in red represents equality under the law;  the Three Stars are for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao; and the Philippine Sun Rays represents liberty and freedom. The Stars in the circular border around the Sun represent as many provinces as there are in the Republic.

The Field of the Flag is the Presidential Blue color, which is attributed to royalty and ruling hierarchy.

The use of the Presidential Seal is solely for and by the highest magistrate of the land.




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