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2004, April 1.  Philippine Orchids

Litho Offset.  APO Production Unit, Inc.,  Perf. 14  1/4

Singles, Sheets of 100





  2 Cymbidium finlaysonianum -  Singles    (20,000,000)

  8p  Phalaenopsis schillerianaSingles      (15,000,000)


Layout Artist:   Alfonso V. Divina

Designs:   Native Philippine Orchids (Photographs taken from the Book, "Native Philippine Orchids" by Nans N. Fessel and Peter Baizer, Times Edition, Paciencia P. Milan, Program Director, VISCA-GTZ Applied Tropical Ecology Program and President, Leyte State University).  The book is provided by Cesar Apolonio.


First Day Covers:  Manila


Orchids of the Philippines

Cymbidium finlaysonianum.   A very large plant, growing in big clumps. The pseudobulbs are about 7 cm long and hidden by the (about) five leaves they bear. The stiff, fleshy leaves can grow up to 80 cm long and 4 cm wide. The pendent, loosely many-flowered inflorescence can reach more than 120 cm in length. The fleshy flowers are up to 6 cm across. The fleshy three-lobed lip bears two thick keels on its mid-lobe; the lateral lobes are large. The pollinarium consists of two slit pollinia with stipes.

Phalaenopsis schilleriana.  Has beautiful silverish grey mottled leaves which are slightly purple below and up to 40 cm long. The inflorescence is many­flowered, erect to bent, often branched, and up to 1 m long. The flowers, which reach 80 mm in diameter, are purple of varying intensity. The lip is three­lobed with a callus between the lateral lobes, with anchor-like appendages in the apical part of the front-lobe. The pollinarium has two cleft pollinia connected to a stipe with a large viscidium.





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