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2004, April 19.  Postpex 2004 Stamp Exhibition

Litho Offset.  Amstar Company, Inc.,  Perf. 14.

Souvenir Sheets of One



Souvenir Sheets of One    (8,000)

22 Postpex 2004 Overprint on First Philippine Stamps Issue



Designer:  David Dujunco

Design Coordinator:   Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak


Design:  Overprint in red and black on souvenir sheets issued earlier featuring the four First  Philippine stamps issued in 1854, with the bottom margin showing  the unissued 10c black and the 1 r  corros" error stamps.


First Day Covers:  Manila



POSTPEX 2004 Stamp Exhibition

The Philippines was one of the first countries in Asia to issue postage stamps (1854), 14 years after the first postage stamps were issued in England in 1840.

The Philippine Postal Corporation, in cooperation with the APO Philatelic Society and the Philatelic Society of the Philippines (PSP), is putting up a 150-frame stamp exhibit to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the first Philippine postage stamps, POSTPEX 2004.

The exhibit puts on display some of the best collections of Filipino and foreign collectors living here and abroad. Some members of the International Philippine Philatelic Society are participating and supporting this exhibit, too.

Gigantic and magnificent by local standards, this 150-frame exhibit is the biggest organized by Philpost to date. Everything is included, from some of the rarest items from the first issue of the Spanish regime, through the U.S. Administration, Aguinaldo Revolutionary Government, Japanese Occupation to the Republic period. Philippine postal cards, flight covers, documentary stamped papers, revenues, and others are also presented. World class exhibits of foreign stamps are also on display, plus topical collections and exhibits of the Philpost Philatelic Library.





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