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2006, July 3.  Philippine Butterflies - Definitives

Litho Offset.  Amstar Company, Inc.  Perf. 13 1/2

Singles, Sheets of 100 (10 x 10)




  1p  Arisbe decolor stratos  - Singles  (7,250,000)*

  5p  Parantica danatti danatti  -  Singles  (7,000,000)**


* Original quantity is 4,500,000 plus additional printings of 2,750,000 delivered December 2006.


** Original quantity is 4,000,000 plus additional printings of 3,000,000 delivered December 2006.


Photographer:  Catherine Grace Tan

Design Coordinator:  Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak

Designs:  Philippine butterflies from the collection of Justin "Tiny" Nuyda


Note:  The Philippine Postal Corporation will continue its Philippine butterflies definitive series with new stamps dated "2006". Due to the increase in local postage rates starting January 16, 2006, there is a huge demand for P1.00 and P5.00 stamps. To cope with this demand, these two values have to be ordered from a different printer.  The same butterflies are featured, but the stamps came out very different from printings made by the regular printer. A blue security band is printed below the design, and there are white borders around the stamps.


First Day Covers:  Manila



1p Arisbe decolor stratos (Rothschild, 1895).  This remarkable fast flying black and gray Papilio swallowtail belongs to the antiphates group. The species can be found in the island of Mindoro.

5p Parantica danatti danatti (Talbot, 1936).  This species inhabits forested areas at high elevations in Mindanao, 1200 up to 2000 meters.  Range: S.E. Mindanao (Mt. Apo, etc)




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