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2006, August 28.  Chan-Cu Family Association Centenary

Litho Offset.  Amstar Company, Inc.  Perf. 14.

Se-tenant Pairs, Miniature Sheets of 25  (20 stamps + 5 Labels)  (5 x 5)




Se-tenant Pairs    (60,000)

  7p  Chan-Cu Centennial Logo

  7p  Chan-Tze, Scholar Ancestor


Miniature Sheets of 20  (2,500) 

 Miniature Sheets of 8 (8,750)



Project Proponent:  Chan-Cu Association of the Philippines, Inc.

Design Coordinators:  Henry O, Chan Huan Tha, Francis Khu

Graphic and Layout Artist:  Richard Allen Baron



First Day Covers:  Manila



In November 1906, a group of Chan-Cu immigrants in the Philippines organized the Chan-Cu Family Association. The name has been changed a number of times; today, it is registered as the Chan-Cu Association of the Philippines, Inc. 

The Association is guided by three main principles, whose objectives are as follows: 

  • To always be reminded of the teachings of our most honored ancestor, "Chan Tze", a scholar born in 505 B.C.:  obedience, respect and care for our parents, teachers and elders; patience, loyalty, fair play and honesty.

  • To promote a harmonious relationships among Chan-Cu members, our countrymen and the government;

  • To motivate and instill the spirit of cooperation and camaraderie among Chan-Cu families, especially in settling differences, disputes and other problems among themselves and/or with others.  The Chan-Cu Family Association is very much active even after 100 years.  Its members have brought pride and honor not only to their respective communities, but have also contributed greatly in the progress and development of the Philippine economy.  From the association have emerged some outstanding members of society, such as national artists, businessmen, industrialists, financiers, politicians, professionals, etc.

In times of national calamities, disasters and other crises, its members can be counted on for voluntary contributions and assistance. Some members also regularly sponsor feeding programs and medical missions to help our less privileged countrymen. Others contribute to the maintenance of cleanliness, peace and order in their respective barangays.                




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