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2006, April 2.  Pope John Paul II, First Death Anniversary

1981 Pope John Paul II Souvenir Sheets Overprinted and Surcharged

Overprinted  by Amstar Company Inc.

Original Issue Printed by Staderini of Italy, Perf 13 3/4 x 13 1/4;  Souvenir Sheet of 1



Souvenir Sheets of  One    (12,800)*


  26p on 7p50 Portrait of Pope John Paul II, Map of the Philippines


*  Original quantity is 13,253 less spoilage of 453.


  Note:  Overprinted  in black "Remembering Pope John Paul II, His Life and Legacy to the Filipinos, 1st Death Anniversary April 2, 2006".


First Day Covers:  Manila



Pope John Paul II was Head of the Catholic Church from 16 October 1978 to his death in 2005. He was the second longest-serving pope in history, and, having been born in Poland, the first non-Italian since Pope Adrian VI, who died in 1523.  John Paul II was one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century. He is recognized as helping to end Communist rule in his native Poland and eventually all of Europe.   John Paul II significantly improved the Catholic Church's relations with Judaism, Islam, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Anglican Communion.   

He was one of the most travelled world leaders in history, visiting 129 countries during his pontificate. As part of his special emphasis on the universal call to holiness, he beatified 1,340 people and canonized 483 saints, more than the combined tally of his predecessors during the preceding five centuries.   Like John XXIII, his feast day is not celebrated on the date of his death as is usual, but on 22 October, the anniversary of his papal inauguration in 1978. 

 The Filipino people are very much enthusiastic about featuring Pope John Paul II on stamps in commemoration of his first death anniversary on April 2, 2006. Therefore, the management decided to come up with a project to utilize the stamps stocked at the Main Vault which include the souvenir sheets of Pope John Paul II's Pastoral Visit in 1981. 

The death of Pope John Paul II shall intensify the faith of Filipinos and his memory shall remain in our life. With the issuance of the overprinted souvenir sheet for his first death anniversary, we can again spread his goodwill and holiness.




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