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2007, April 26.  Manulife Philippines Centennial

Litho Offset.  Amstar Company, Inc.  Perf. 14.

Singles, Sheets of 50 (5 x 10);  Souvenir Sheets of 4



   7p   Manulife signage and Centennial Logo  -  Singles  (130,000)


   28p Souvenir Sheets of 4 (5,000)


Designer & Layout Artist:  Renato G. Lucindo


First Day Covers:  Manila




A hundred years ago, Manulife received its license to operate in the Philippines. At a time when travel and communications required great logistics, Manulife laid the foundation for what would become one of the country's most respected and trusted financial institutions. 

A hundred years hence, Manulife has successfully weathered two world wars, tumultuous political upheavals, and various economic conditions growing to be one of the leading life insurance and pre-need providers in the country. This success story continues on as Manulife seeks to deliver the very best financial products and services to the Filipino people. 

Over the years, Manulife has established its name as an industry leader with its vast range of financial products, its reach covering the length and breath of the Philippines and a solid team of highly trained professionals.

Manulife has grown by leaps and bounds from the time it opened for business in the country a century ago. To date, the company has acquired the in-force businesses of 5 foreign-owned life insurance firms. Through careful management, the varying cultures of the acquired companies have melded into the Manulife culture, resulting in a force stronger, more efficient, and more service-oriented than ever. 

Manulife's first Philippine century has withstood earthquakes, floods and even the ravages of war. Rising from every challenge with astonishing success, Manulife intends to continue offering outstanding professional services in tandem with its large portfolio of excellent products and remains committed and dedicated to being of service to the Filipino.


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