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2008, May 6.  Philippine Birds - Definitive Issue (2008)

Litho Offset.  Amstar Company, Inc.  Perf. 13 1/2

Singles, Sheets of 100 (10 x 10) 



       1p    Black-naped Oriole (2008) -  Singles (1,500,000)

     2p   Asian Fairy Bluebird (2008) -  Singles  (500,000)

     4p   Eastern Crimson Sunbird (2008) -  Singles  (500,000)

   10p   Blue-winged Pitta (2008) -  Singles  (1,200,000)


Note:  This is a reprint of the 2007 Bird issues with "2008" instead of "2007"

Designer and Graphic Artists:  Corazon T. Loza,  Edward Gaspay

Design Coordinator:  Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak

Layout Artist:  Robinson C. Cruza


Designs:  All pictures taken from the book "A Guide to the Birds of the Philippines" by Robert S. Kennedy, Pedro C. Gonzales, Edward C. Dickinson, Hector C. Miranda, Jr., and Timothy H. Fisher.


First Day Covers:  Manila


1p Black-naped Oriole (Orio/us chinensis)
Black naped-Oriole are common and widespread in early second growth, open scrub and gardens, alone or in groups. It has a distinctive black and bright yellow plumage and its large size separates it from other species of orioles. This bird is fairly tame and noisy and can be heard from far away. Loud and pleasant pee-yaaaaooww or keeaaaooww call are repeated every few seconds often with several birds calling together.


2p Asian Fairy Bluebird (Irena puella).  Common and conspicuous in forest canopy in lowlands and middle elevations, singly or in small groups. The male has a unique brilliant blue and velvety black plumage. This bird calls a loud series of snapping whistles wavering whip whip whip-aaww or weeep weeep weee paw.

4p  Eastern Crimson Sunbird (Aethopyga siparaja).   Crimson Sunbird is a resident breeder in tropical southern Asia from India to Indonesia and the Philippines. Two eggs or three eggs are laid in a suspended nest in a tree. This species is found in forest and cultivation.  They are very tiny, only 11cm long. They have medium-length thin down-curved bills and brush-tipped tubular tongues, both adaptations to their nectar feeding.  The adult male has a crimson breast and maroon back. The rump is yellow and the belly is olive. The female has an olive-green back, yellowish breast and white tips to the outer tail feathers. 

10p  Blue-winged Pitta  (Pitta moluccensis).  The Blue-winged Pitta, Pitta moluccensis, is a species of bird in the Pittidae family. It is found in Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Christmas Island, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Its natural habitat is subtropical and tropical moist lowland forests. 





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