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2009, June 30.  Town of Baler 4th Centennial 

400th Anniversary of the Evangelization of the Town of Baler.

Litho Offset.  Amstar Company, Inc.  Perf. 14.

Se-tenant Pairs, Sheets of 40 (4 x 10)





Se-tenant Pairs  (25,000)


   7p   Old Church of Baler

   7p   New Church of Baler


First Day Covers:  Manila and Aurora



The official FDC cancel as well as the Official FDC envelope depicts the local bird Balod. It is believed the name Baler was derived from the name Balod - which is the indigenous name for the mountain doves or paloma montes that continue to abound the area.

Town of Baler

As the capital and oldest municipality of Aurora Province, Baler is the seat of government and the center for trade and industry. The most progressive town in Aurora, Baler commands the most resorts, public institutions and facilities, as well as business establishments.

In 1609, seven (7) Franciscan Missionaries led by Fray Blas Palomino founded the settlement of Baler.  Its original name was Kinagunasan and its first inhabitants were the Angara, Bitong, Carrasco and Lumasac families.

This small settlement was later converted into a pueblo or town by the Augustinians and the Recollects in 1658. Due to scarcity of religious missionaries, the Franciscans again took over the administration of the settlement in 1703. On June 2, 1899, the last Spanish garrison in the Philippines surrendered after a year-long siege, effectively ending nearly 400 years of Spanish hegemony in the archipelago.

In 1901, the Americans incorporated the town to the province of Tayabas (later named Quezon province). Before the Americans came, Baler was under the province of Nueva Ecija.

In 1942, Japanese occupation forces entered Baler under Captain Hattori, commanding the garrison of the Japanese Imperial Army forces in Baler.

However, in 1945, The Philippine Commonwealth forces entered the town of Baler, which was under attack by the Japanese Imperial Forces.  The San Luis de Tolosa church was destroyed.  The Philippine Commonwealth troops achieved victory from this battle.

On June 14, 1951, by virtue of Republic Act No. 648, Baler became the capital town of the sub-province (and later, province) of Aurora.

Baler is known for numerous tourist attractions. In addition to the Baler Catholic Church and other historical sites , there are resorts at Sabang Beach and Cemento Beach, where surfers from all over the world compete for the annual International Aurora Surfing Cup. The coral-rich islands of Dimadimalangat, Aniao and Lukso-Lukso lie just off the coast.




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