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2017, October 16 (18).  Endemic Flowers of the Philippines

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Se-tenant Blocks of 4,  Miniature Sheets of 16;  Souvenir Sheets of 4 + 2 Labels




Se-tenant Blocks of Four  (25,600)


12p  Medinilla cordata Merr

12p  Begonia gutierrezii Coyle

12p  Begonia cumingii A. Gray

12p  Hoya buotii kloppenburg


Miniature Sheets of 16  (Four Se-tenants B/4) (6,400)


48p Souvenir Sheets of Four + Se-tenant Pair Labels  (5,000)

12p  Begonia oxysperma A. DC.

12p  Coelogyne candoonensis Ames

12p  Jade Vine - Strongylodon macrobotrys A. Gray

12p  Plocoglottis lucbanensis Ames


Designer:  Ma. Aimee Cabingao

Final Artist:  Victorino Z. Serevo

Photographers:  Stamp Designs:  Danilo N. Tandang;  Official FDC Cachet:  John Rey C. Callado


First Day Covers:  Manila









Medinilla cordata Merr.  Endemic to the Philippines:  Luzon (4 collected.), Mindoro (Mt Halcon, 1 collected), Panay (Mt Madiaas, 1 collected). Habitat - in mossy forests, often common on summits of higher mountains in northern Luzon at 2000-2500 m. altitude.

Begonia gutierrezii C.Coyle.  Endemic to southern Palawan at quite low altitudes. This species occurs within the Lipuun Point Reservation, but is currently only known from two collections. Instantly distinct as the only species known from the island with peltate leaves.

Begonia cumingii A. Gray.  Endemic to Philippines: Luzon (Laguna); in primary forests at 700-1400m; in Mt. Makiling, Luzon, often encountered in mossy forests.

Hoya Buotii Kloppenburg.  Endemic to the Philippines.  The leaves are 4-7 cm long, 2-4 cm wide with visible veins. The center vein is lowered. This is a hoya that is best grown on a support since it twines some on its own.  The flowers are somewhat cupshaped / almost flat, about 2 cm. The very hairy flowers have yellow corolla and the corona is white with red in the middle.





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