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2017, March 21.  Popular Fruits of the Philippines

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 13.5

Singles,  Sheets of  100




 14p  Pomelo - Singles  (3,300,000) 

 17p  Calamansi - Singles  (3,300,000)

 40p  Tamarind - Singles  (3,800,000)


Designer:  Rodine C. Teodoro



First Day Covers:  Manila





POMELO (Citrus maxima).  Pomelos are considered citrus fruits and native to Southeast Asia and nearby regions. The scientific name of this fruit is Citrus maxima, because it is the largest citrus fruit. Pomelos have a sweet, mild taste and a very thick rind inside of the pale green or yellow exterior. The pomelo fruit is usually pale green or yellow when it is ripe. In the center of the pomelo is the edible flesh, organized like an orange, and has the color of a pale grape fruit. The pomelo is unusual member of the citrus fruit that has a surprising number of health benefits like its ability to boost the immune system, improve digestion, lower blood pressure, reduce cramping, prevent anemia, protect heart health, aid in weight loss, and boost oral and dental health.

CALAMANSI (Citrofortunella mitis).  Calamansi is a tropical lime native to Southeast Asia.  It belongs to the citrofortunella species, which is a hybrid between the citrus and fortunella genus. Calamansi is cultivated for its edible but incredibly sour fruit. Calamansi is packed with ascorbic acid or vitamin C. This nutrient strengthens the immune system and increases collagen production in the body, that's why calamansi  juice is taken as a beauty tonic . Calamansi extract also evens out the skin tone and refines the skin. Calamansi is traditionally used to prevent common colds and flu, the vitamin C in calamansi ensures a speedy recovery from viral and bacterial infections. It also aids in weight loss. Regular consumption of calamansi juice purifies the organ and detoxes the colon. It prevents constipation, improve bowel movement and eliminate stored fat. Calamansi is also used as a skin bleaching agent. The vitamin C in calamansi juice prevents tooth decay, gingivitis, bleeding gums or loose teeth. Calamansi extract banishes body odor. Calamansi also eliminates dandruff.

TAMARIND (Tamarindus indica).  Tamarind is a member of the Fabaceae family. Tamarind is a delicious, sweet fruit that has a wide variety of uses and applications, both for medicinal and culinary purposes. Tamarind fruit is both sweet and sour in taste.  It can be consumed as a raw fruit, added to dessert once it is fully ripe, or it can be dried or ground into a spice. It is often used in jams and sauces, and is even dried or processed into candy in some parts of the world.  It is also used as an ingredient in soups and various dishes throughout Asia and South America. The tamarind has many amazing health benefits which includes the ability to reduce inflammation throughout the body, improve eye health, boost respiratory health, heal skin conditions, improve the digestive system, relieve pain, increase the strength of the immune system, reduce fever, lower cholesterol to improve cardiovascular health, treat piles, prevent cancer, and even protect children against parasites and worms.




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