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2017, February 6.  Happy Valentine's Day:  Expressing Your Love

Litho Offset, Amstar Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Se-tenant Blocks of 4 ,  Miniature Sheets of  8





NEW FORMAT.  Instead of Stamp & Label as one design, the new format separates stamps from labels.


Se-tenant Blocks of Four   (25,250)

12p  Letter

12p  Heart-shaped Lollipop

12p  Ring

12p  Lips


Miniature Sheets of 8  (Two Se-tenant B/4)  (12,625)


150p Miniature Sheets of 4, Singles with Labels:  With Generic Designs  (2,000);  For Personalization  (6,000)

17p Letter/Cupid, 17p Heart-shaped Lollipop/Roses, 17p Ring/Balloons, 17p Lips/Wine Toast


Note:  Priced at P150 per sheet.  Aside from going to the Post Office to have your picture taken, you can send in photos, subject for approval.  Each sheet can have up to two different photos/designs.  Sold only in full sheets.


Designer:  Eunice Beatrix Uy Dabu


Stamp Designs:  Different Ways of Expressing/Communicating Love



First Day Covers:  Manila





Valentine's Day 2017:  Different Ways to Communicate Your Love

Expression of Love during Valentine's Day can be done through various ways, such as: 

Sending a Letter Using Valentine's Day stamps

Sending heart-shaped candies and chocolates like Lollipops

Giving a ring as a sign of Love

Saying "I Love You"





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