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2018, July 10.  The Accountancy Profession and The Board of Accountancy, 95th Anniversary

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"The Accountancy Profession and The Board of Accountancy, 95 Years of Invaluable Service to the Philippines and the Global Accountancy Community, 10 July 2018", Manila.

In 1923, accounting was legally recognized as as a profession in the country when the sixth Philippines Legislature approved Act No. 3105 on March 17, 1923. This law created the Board of Accountancy vested with authority to promulgate rules and regulations, to set professional standards for the accounting profession practice and to issue certified public accountant certificates to those who have qualified in accordance with the requirements of the law. The Board then was composed of a chairman and two members.

The first Board of Accountancy was composed of Chairman W. W. Larkin, and, Domingo Dikit and Felix Tiongson, as members. The year 2018 marks the 95th anniversary of the establishment of the accountancy profession in the Philippines and the creation of the Board of Accountancy.  There will be a year-long celebration of the anniversary. The activities will be focused on the theme "95 years of invaluable service to the Philippines and global accountancy community." An official logo is being used for the anniversary.





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