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2018, August 10.  Presidential Cars

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Singles, Two Sheets of 5



Two Miniature Sheets of 5 each (4,000)


Miniature Sheet #1:


12p  1924 Packard Single 6-Touring (Emilio Aguinaldo)

12p  1937 Chrysler Airflow Custom Imperial CW (Manuel L. Quezon)

12p  1942 Packard Custom Super Eight: 180 Limousine (Jose P. Laurel)

12p  1953 Chrysler Crown Imperial Limousine (Elpidio Quirino)

12p  1955 Cadillac Series 75-23 (Ramon Magsaysay)


Miniature Sheet #2:


12p  1980 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Signature Series (Ferdinand E. Marcos)

12p  1986 Mercedes-Benz 500SEL (Corazon Aquino)

12p  1986 Mercedes-Benz 500SEL Guard (Fidel Ramos)

12p  1993 Mercedes-Benz S600 (Joseph Ejercito Estrada)

12p  1993 Mercedes-Benz S600 Limousine V140 (Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo)



Designer:  Victorino Z. Serevo


First Day Covers:  Manila






PRESIDENTIAL CARS - Miniature Sheets

EMILIO AGUINALDO (1899-1901):  1924 Packard Single 6-Touring.  Aquinaldo was officially recognized as president of the First Republic from 1899 to 1901.  He did not have an official presidential car;  however, he owned a 1924 Single Six Packard Model 226, a seven-seater limousine.  It run on a 4.4-liter engine that provides 54 horsepower.  It offered seating for seven along with lashings of wood and vinyl.  The Packard was powered by a straight six engine with a displacement of 4.0 liters.


MANUEL L. QUEZON (1935-1941):  1937 Chrysler Airflow Custom Imperial CW.  Quezon served under Commonwealth Government from.  He used a 1937 Chrysler Airflow as his official car.  It was one of the first full-sized cars to use streamlining design to make it less susceptible to air resistance.  It was three meters wide, five feet tall and could seat five people.  It was restored to running condition during the 400th Anniversary of Baler (Quezon's hometown) and 131st Quezon's birthday on August 19, 2009.


JOSE P. LAUREL (1943-1945):  1942 Packard Custom Super Eight - 180 Limousine.  Laurel was the president during the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines.  He used a Packard 180 Model as his official car.  Packard advertised it during the 1940's as having the most powerful eight cylinder engine - a 5.8 liter power train that produces 162 horsepower.  It was also the first car to incorporate power windows.  Packard stopped production in February 1942 at the onset of World War II.


ELPIDIO QUIRINO (1945-1953): 1953 Chrysler Crown Imperial Limousine.  Quirino served as Sixth president.  His preferred car was the Chrysler's Crown Imperial, a luxury car that was positioned against Cadillac, Lincoln and Packard.  A car fit for president, Quirino's Imperial Crown was a long wheelbase version that offered seating for five along with a partition window that separated the driver from the rear passengers.  This being a Chrysler product, there were no surprised under the hood:  a big thumping 331 cubic inch Fire Power V8.  The 5.4 liter-made 180 PS to propel over two tons of steel, iron and leather.


RAMON MAGSAYSAY (1953-1957):  1955 Cadillac Series 75-23.  Magsaysay famously drove a Willys Jeep when he was Secretary of Defense.  When he became president, he was comfortably seated in the backseat of a l952 Cadillac Series 75-23.  Measuring over 6 meters long and two meters wide, it had a seven-seat configuration without a partition window.  It was powered with a 5.4 Liter V8 engine with an output of over 250 horsepower.  It was rather advanced for its time with its four speed automatic transmission.


FERDINAND E. MARCOS (1965-1986):  1980 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Signature Series. Marcos served as president for 21 years.  During his two-decades rule, he was reported to have used several presidential cars, but one that stood out was the 1980 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Signature Series, the first bulletproof vehicle used by a Philippine president.  It was highly customized and very imposing.  Its long wheelbase variant is almost 21 feet long and can weigh about 4 tons.  This car was all about comfort with blue & gray colors dominating the interior, complimented with wood and chrome trimmings.  It also had a unique embossing in the seats, part of the limited and luxurious feature of this car:  a digital gauge cluster with a full function trip computer.  The driver has “miles to empty” plus an “estimated time of arrival” read-out.


CORAZON (CORY) AQUINO (1986-1992):  1986 Mercedes-Benz 500SEL.  Cory became president after Marcos was ousted during the People Power Revolution.  Her preferred presidential car, the government issued Mercedes-Benz 124 Sedan, was replaced by Mercedes-Benz 500SEL.  It was the first official state car to feature bulletproof panels and windows with glass measuring almost 2 inches in thickness.  The levels of protection were unheard of the 1980's and even featured fixed rear windows to ensure the rigidity of the glass in case somebody shot at it.  The driver would be able to get out of harms' way quickly, too. 


FIDEL V. RAMOS (1992-1998):  1986 Mercedes-Benz 500SEL Guard.  Ramos official car was the type used by Germany's counter-terrorism unit, the GSG-9.  It comes with thinner bulletproof glass, ballistic panels and a special switchboard exclusive to S-Class Guard models.  It houses the controls for lights and sirens, as well as a "check" button for the control module and fuses.


JOSEPH EJERCITO ESTRADA (1998-2001):  1993 Mercedes-Benz S600.  Estrada was not able to complete his six-year term.  He was ousted due to charges of corruption.  His choice for presidential car was Mercerdes-Benz S600, internally known as the W140, whose armoring has been beefed-up, featured even thicker steel plates in the doors and the use of Kevlar, the same material used in bulletproof vests.  The S600 is powered by a 6.0 liter V12 engine and its 394 PS output is more than enough to overcome the extra weight brought on by bulletproofing.  At the back, Estrada has his own TV and telephone and, apart from the Presidential Seal, the rear quarters are standard S-Class fare.


GLORIA MACAPAGAL-ARROYO (2001-2010):  1993 Mercedes-Benz S600 Limousine V140.  After the ouster of Estrada, as his Vice President, Macapagal-Arroyo served the remaining term of Estrada.  She ran for president and won, making hers to be the longest serving presidency.  Her choice of official car came with a 6.0 liter V123, with its interior matching the Rolls-Royce Phantom V in terms of luxuries.  It offered seating for seven along with lashings of wood and vinyl. 





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