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2018, December 5.  Philippines-Croatia Diplomatic Relations, 25th Anniversary

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Croatia–Philippines relations refers to the diplomatic relations that were established between Croatia and the Philippines on February 25, 1993, soon after the Philippines recognized Croatia as an independent nation in 1992.  The two countries have links between their shipping industries, including port management, investment, and seafarers, and they propose to extend this to cooperation in shipbuilding and the navies.

In 1993, both governments signed an agreement abolishing the requirement for a visa for holders of diplomatic and official passports.  In 1995, the governments reached an agreement on scientific and technological cooperation.  In 2009, the governments signed an agreement on cultural cooperation.  Also in 2009, the Croatian Ministry of Sports and the Philippine Board of Sports signed a memorandum on cooperation in the field of sports.

The Permanent Representative of Philippines to Croatia is based in the Philippine embassy in Austria.  The Croatian ambassador accredited to the Philippines is based in the embassy in Indonesia.

In 2012, Croatia and the Philippines conducted their second political consultation in Manila. This was conducted at the sub-ministerial level according to a protocol signed in 2005. The meeting identified shipbuilding as a potential area of cooperation.

In 2012 the Defense Ministers of both countries met during an official Croatian delegation visit to the Philippines. They discussed potential cooperation on military technology, shipbuilding, and between their respective navies, particularly in combating piracy. They anticipated and stressed the importance of signing a Memorandum of Understanding between the countries regarding logistics and the defense industry. During the meeting, Croatia offered to build ships for the Philippine Coast Guard and overhaul existing ships, as well as pistols and assault rifles manufactured to NATO standards.





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