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2018, February 17.  Dumaguete Cathedral Credit Cooperative (DCCCO) 50th Anniversary

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Singles, Sheets of 40



12p  DCCCO Anniversary Logo -  Singles  (80,000)



First Day Covers:  Manila & Dumaguete City




Dumaguete Cathedral Credit Cooperative (DCCCO) - Golden Jubilee

Dumaguete Cathedral Credit Cooperative (DCCCO) is a credit cooperative with the following objectives and purposes: (1) to increase the income and purchasing power of the members; (2) to pool the resources of the members by encouraging savings and promoting thrift to mobilize capital formation for development activities; and (3) to extend loans to members for provident and productive purposes.

DCCCO aspires to be a world-class cooperative, driven by excellence and caring service that acts as a catalyst for enriching the quality of life of Filipinos.

Inspired by Christian values, DCCCO, as a cooperative of choice, commits itself in promoting good governance and providing upgraded technology infrastructure, diversified quality products and services, clear market segments, better career opportunities for its employees and holistic development for all its stakeholders

The ultimate goal of DCCCO is to help enrich the quality of life of Filipinos through excellence and caring service grounded on Christian values. Towards this end, the cooperative endeavors to:

D - Deliver competitive and diversified products and services.
C - Continually promote a strong sense of ownership among member-owners.
C - Create relevant social responsibility initiatives.
C - Conform to the globally accepted performance standards.
O - Observe good governance.

C - Continuously upgrade the technology infrastructure.
A - Adopt best practices and enact policies to ensure financial stability.
R - Respond to the needs of the right market segments.
E - Enhance competence, professionalism and spirituality among officers, management and staff.
S - Strengthen programs toward holistic development of member-owners.





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