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2018, November 21.  Estancia Municipality, Iloilo Centennial

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Se-tenant Pairs, Sheets of 40



Se-tenant Pairs  (25,000)

12p  Fishing Village

12p  Fishing Village




First Day Covers:  Manila & Estancia, Iloilo





Estancia Municipality, Province of Iloilo is known as the Alaska of the Philippines. It began as a small barangay of fishermen from Capiz within the pueblo of Carles during the Spanish time. The first settlers were the families of Latinu Rodriguez and Juan Magbanua. In 1847, they were joined by several other families from Pilar (Capiz), Balasan and Sara.

It became a pueblo in 1847 and its name came from the Spanish word "estancia" (ranch) because it was a part of the wide ranch of Don Felipe Aguilar.  In 1846, Lt. Governor Esteban Pavon of Concepcion sub-province established there a rancheria while Fray Ricardo Sancez built a church.

During the Philippine Revolution, the people drove the Spaniards out of the Municipality. When the Americans came, they made Estancia a barrio of Balasan.  Later, the inhabitants agitated for separation from Balasan thru an organization called Pahiliusa led by Venancio Cudilla and Antonio Somes. Because of this, Estancia became a town with the help of Governor Gregorio Yulo and Senator Jose Ma. Arroyo. Its first president was Antonio Somes.

"The Alaska of the Philippines" has rich fishing grounds which can be found around the many offshore islets such as islas de Gigante, Isla de Zapatos, Loguingot, Bayas, Manipulon, Sicogon and Magalumbi.

Many Tagalog and Waray fishermen and merchants later settled at the town making it a melting pot in North Iloilo. Estancia is an ideal port because it is protected by offshore islets. Tourist flock the islets too, for its white and sandy beaches.

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