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2018, February 10.  Mabini Municipality, Batangas Centennial

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Se-tenant Pairs, Sheets of 40



Se-tenant Pairs  (40,000)

12p  Mabini Municipality Anniversary Logo

12p  Anilao Beach Resort Underwater


Designer:  Victorino Z. Serevo



First Day Covers:  Manila & Mabini, Batangas




Mabini Municipality, Batangas - Centennial

Established in January 01, 1918, the town was named after Filipino Revolutionary leader, Apolinario Mabini, who was considered the Brains of the Revolution, during the Spanish colonial rule.

Formerly part of the pueblo of Bauan, the people of this peninsula suffered untold hardships under the Spanish rule. The oppression of the Spanish tyranny was thrown off after the gallant uprising of Don Francisco Castillo, the heroic young man, known as Kapitan Kiko, who led the fight for freedom in his peninsula in 1896.

Captain Francisco Castillo, known as the founder of the town, was the first appointive Municipal President.

Designed by In-house layout artist Vic Serevo, the centennial of Mabini, Batangas commemorative stamps features two (2) different illustrations; the first is the centennial logo with the bust figures of Mabini and Castillo, and, Anilao Beach, the world-class dive site and home of rich and colorful marine life.





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