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2019, June 7.  Ilocos Sur Province Bicentennial - Generic SelyoKo

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 13 1/2

Miniature Sheets of 4 - 17p x 4 with Designs on Right Labels



150p Selyo Ko Generic Miniature Sheets of 4  (1,000)

     17p x 4 - Four Different with Generic Designs on  Adjacent Right Labels


First Day Covers:  Manila




Province of Ilocos Sur - Bicentennial Anniversary

Ilocos Sur is a province located in the Ilocos Region in Luzon. The Ilocos Region was already a thriving, fairly advanced cluster of towns and settlements when the Spanish explorer, Juan de Salcedo, and members of his expedition arrived in Vigan on June 13, 1572. Augustinians came to conquer the region through evangelization. They established parishes and built churches that still stand today. Three centuries later, Vigan became the seat of the Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia.

A royal decree dated February 2, 1818 separated the northern section of Ilocos which became the province of Ilocos Norte. The southern portion, called Ilocos Sur, included the northern part of La Union and all of Abra. It was the union of portions of Ilocos Sur from the Amburayan were taken from the Mountain Province and incorporated with Ilocos Sur.

The history of Ilocos Sur was characterized by revolts in protest against tributes and forced labor. The best-known of these revolts was the Ilocos Revolt (1762-1763) led by Diego Silang. It was a revolt of the masses against the Babaknangs and the alcalde-mayor of Vigan. After Silang’s assassination, his wife Gabriela continued the fight until she was hanged publicly in 1763. On March 25, 1898, Isabelo Abaya started a revolt in Candon and raised a red flag in the town plaza. This was the start of several revolutions in the Ilocos Region.

Ilocos Sur figured prominently during the Philippine Revolution in 1896 and Philippine-American War in 1899. The Battle of Tirad Pass elevated the heroic death of General Gregorio del Pilar who covered the retreat of General Emilio Aguinaldo to the Cordilleras and to Palanan. During World War II, the Battle of Bessang Pass in Candon, fought between the forces of General Yamashita and U.S. 21st Infantry, was the climax in the fight for liberation.





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