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2019, October 20.  Leyte Gulf Landing, 75th Anniversary

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Se-tenant Pairs, Sheets of 40



  Se-tenant Pairs  (10,000)

12p  Leyte Landing Statue

12p  Leyte Landing Photo


First Day Covers:  Manila & Leyte







On October 23rd (2019) at 11:30 am., the Friends of the National World War II Memorial will hold a brief ceremony and wreath presentation at the National World War II Memorial to mark the 75th anniversaries of the Battle of Leyte, the largest amphibious operation in the Pacific to date, and the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the largest and last naval battle of the war.

In late October 1944, the campaign to liberate the Philippines officially began. General Douglas MacArthur led the largest amphibious operation in the Pacific to date onto the shores of Leyte, while the American Navy waged the largest and last naval battle of the war in Leyte Gulf to defend the landing troops from Japanese sea attacks. This invasion finally initiated the liberation of the Philippines and severely crippled Japan’s military strength in the Pacific.

Mere hours after the raid on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese attacked the Philippines. As Japanese forces gained ground, President Roosevelt ordered General Douglas MacArthur, who commanded the American and Filipino forces there, to withdraw to Australia by submarine instead of fighting to the end with his men. MacArthur followed his orders, although he famously issued a statement vowing that “I shall return” to his men and to the people of the Philippines. MacArthur’s men were forced to surrender by May. For those he left behind on the Philippines, who were subjected to Japanese occupation, imprisonment, and the Bataan Death March, the realization of his promise could not come soon enough.





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