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2019, November 11.  National Stamp Collecting Month:  Pinoy Music Icons

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Souvenir Sheets of 3




135p  Pinoy Music Incons - Souvenir Sheets of Three (30,000)

    45p - Rene Garcia

    45p - Rico J. Puno

    45p - Pepe Smith 



First Day Covers:  Manila





RENE GARCIA – INTRODUCED THE MANILA SOUND.  Rene Garcia, along with his older brother Dennis formed a band named Hot Dog and invited Ella del Rosario as female solo vocalist.  At a time when Filipino music was hardly favored and practically in limbo, Hotdog, the Pinoy pop rock band started a revolution that we know today as Original Pinoy Music (OPM).  It was during the 70’s that the local music industry was topped by foreign music that were playing disco and funk sounds. Most local artists would imitate these foreign tunes in the hopes to become visible. However, Hotdogs changed the music landscape in the Philippines completely. Manila Sound was popularized by their many hit singles, including “‘Manila'”, which has come to epitomize this genre.

RICO J. PUNO – THE TOTAL ENTERTAINER.  Enrico de Jesus Puno, better known as Rico J. Puno, was a Filipino singer, composer, comedian, actor and television host who was credited as a pioneer-promoter of Original Pilipino Music (OPM). He started the trend of incorporating Tagalog lyrics in his rendition of American songs such as The Way We Were.  Puno is also known as a singer who regularly infused his on-stage performance with tongue-in-cheek comedy and adult humor. In 1976, Puno won the Aliw Award for Most Promising Entertainer. Two years later, he became Aliw's  Entertainer of the Year. His Rico in Concert show at the Cultural Center of the Philippines launched him as one of the foremost Philippine pop stars.

PEPE SMITH -  FATHER OF PHILIPPINE ROCK.  Joey “Pepe” Smith, born to an American father and Filipina mother and acknowledged as the Father of Philippine Rock.  A singer and songwriter he introduced a genre of music that swept the Philippines during the ‘70s. His Juan dela Cruz Band was instrumental is revolutionizing the way Philippines viewed and appreciated rock music. Smith and his band was one of very few Filipino performers who did opening acts during the July 4, 1966 historic and controversial first and only concert of the Beatles in Philippines. His admiration of the Beatles further strengthened his love for music.  His first album with Juan Dela Cruz band is "Up in Arms" which was released in 1972. All songs in the album were in English. It was not until the following year that "Ang Himig Natin" (Our Sound) started the Filipino rock revolution. The band's last hit was "Kahit Anong Mangyari" in 1981. He and his band was part of the first open field rock festival in the Philippines which was held in Antipolo in 1970.  In 2005 his very first solo album titled Idiosyncrasies was released.  The 14-track album was three-years in the making; he started recording the album in 2002.





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