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2019, June 14.  Philippines-Thailand Diplomatic Relations, 70th Anniversary (Joint Issue)

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Se-tenant Pairs, Miniature Sheets of 8



  Se-tenant Pairs  (10,000)

  12p Elephant of Thailand 

  45p Carabao of Philippines 


Miniature Sheets of 8  (Four Se-tenant Pairs)  (2,500)


First Day Covers:  Manila





Prior to the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Thailand in 1949, contacts between the two countries were only through indirect trading. It was only on 14 June 1949 that direct relations between the Philippines and Thailand began as both countries signed the Treaty of Friendship, formalizing their bilateral relationship.

The Philippines and Thailand then established legations at each other’s capitals in 1949, with both countries elevating those to embassy status on 1 January 1956. From then on, relations between the two countries started to strengthen and flourish. Both became founders of SEATO in September 1954 and ASEAN in August 1967, and thereafter joined other regional and international fora. Cooperation likewise expanded outside trade and culture and began covering political, defense, investment, tourism, air services, scientific and technical, telecommunications, agriculture, justice and environment, among others.

Manila and Bangkok, the countries’ capitals, became sister-cities on 24 June 1997. In 1999, as the Philippines and Thailand celebrated 50 years of cordial, harmonious and dynamic friendship, the Philippines renamed Rada Street as Thailand Street in the bustling business district of Makati, while Thailand opted to have Soi Philippines (Philippine Street) at the corner where the Philippine Embassy is located along Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok’s business center.

Relations between the Philippines and Thailand likewise extend helping each other in times of natural disasters. In December 2011,Thailand donated US$100,000 in cash for the victims of tropical storm “Sendong.”  In May 2010, Thailand turned over 520 metric tons (MT) or 10,400 bags of rice to the Philippine government for distribution to the victims of typhoon Ondoy. In 2005, the Philippines sent forensics teams to Thailand to assist in identifying the remains of victims in areas devastated by Indian Ocean tsunami in Southern Thailand.





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