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2020, July 10  (March 2021).  Balasan Municipality, 125th Anniversary

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Singles, Sheets of 40


12p  Balasan Municipality - Singles  (40,000)


First Day Covers:  Manila & Balasan, Iloilo





In 1895, the Municipality of Balasan, Province of Iloilo, was officially founded as a regular parish town by a Spanish "Real Orden" with Fray Paulino Diaz as curate.

In 1847, the Military Governor of Capiz, Don Juan Silverio, permitted 50 families from the pueblo of Navas in Aklan to resettle in the unpopulated eastern part of the province of Iloilo. The immigrants settled in a place they named Bolo, after a specie of bamboo that grow in the area.  Due to the scarcity of food, the Barrio Teniente, Vicente Navales established a sister settlement that was named Maya, after the Philippine sparrow.

In 1852, Barangay Maya became a barrio but did not take long when the site was once again transferred until it was finally established to the present site of the poblacion of Balasan. The name of the barrio, Balasan was derived from the sand (balas) of the nearby Bangon River. Balasan was then a barrio of Bolokawe (the original settlement of Bolo) which became a pueblo of the town of Carles. Finally in 1894, Balasan became an independent pueblo. 




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