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2020, January 23.  Municipality of Consolacion, 100th Foundation Anniversary

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Singles, Sheets of 40




 12p Sarok Festival - Singles  (40,000)


Layout Artist:  Rodine C. Teodoro


First Day Covers:  Manila & Consolacion, Cebu






The centennial anniversary is being celebrated with the theme, "Consolacion Yesterday, Today, and Beyond: Fulfilling Dreams, Building Legacies".

The Municipality of Consolacion has a long history. It was previously a barrio of Mandaue called "kampiig" after the type of crabs found in the locale. Eventually, this small barrio grew, and its residents requested that it be made a municipality. The then Governor-General of Cebu granted this petition. As a gesture of gratitude and goodwill, Kampiig was renamed "Consolacion", after the Governor-General's daughter. This petition succeeded via the efforts of the townspeople. After a brief period of being brought back to the status of barrio in 1902-1903, Consolacion was re-established as a municipality in 1920 by Governor-General Burton Harrison,

The Sarok Festival in Consolacion, Cebu is a source of pride for the city. This lively festival is celebrated alongside the municipality's founding anniversary. It highlights the sarok, a woven hat made of bamboo and banana strips, made by farmers as protection from the harsh noonday sun. Another contribution to cultural heritage is the "Miligoy de Cebu", a dance which originated in Consolacion.  The dance is presented during social gatherings in the poblacion, with pairs of dancers holding castanets while performing,




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