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2020, December 12.  Salinta Monon, Birth Centenary

National Living Treasures Awardee

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Singles, Sheets of 40;  Commemorative SK Miniature Sheet of 4


12p  Salinta Monon, Bogobo Weaver, Singles  (30,000)


150p - Commemorative SK Miniature Sheets/4 (Personalized Stamps) - 1,000

     17p x 4 Manila Central Post Office + 4 Labels



Design Coordinator:  Roche Severo, GAMABA Secretariat, Office of the Executive Director, NCCA

Layout Artist:  Eunice Beatrix U. Dabu


First Day Covers:  Manila




Salinta Monon.   A Filipino textile weaver, recipient of National Living Treasures Award in 1998.  She was known for her Bagobo-Tagabawa textiles and was known as the "last Bagobo weaver".

Salinta watched her motherís nimble hands glide over the loom, weaving traditional Bagobo textiles.  At 12 she asked her mother to teach her how to weave herself. Her ardent desire to excel in the art of her ancestors enabled her to learn quickly. She developed a keen eye for the traditional designs.  She can identify the design as well as the author of a woven piece just by a glance.

All her life Salinta has woven continuously.  She has built a solid reputation for the quality of her work and the intricacies of her designs. There is a continuing demand for her fabrics. She has reached the stage where she is able to set her own price, but she admits to a nagging sense of being underpaid nevertheless, considering the time she puts into her work. It takes her three to four months to finish a fabric 3.5 m x 42 cm in length, or one abaca tube skirt per month.

She used to wear the traditional hand-woven tube skirt of the Bagobo, of which the sinukla and the bandira were two of the most common types until the market began to be flooded with cheap machine-made fabrics. Now, she wears her traditional clothes only on special occasions. Of the many designs she weaves, her favorite is the binuwaya (crocodile), which is one of the hardest to make.




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