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2021, September 27.  Happy Grandparents Day

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Singles, Sheets of 40



 12p - Grandparents with Grandchildren -   Singles 



First Day Covers:  Manila




Happy Grandparents Day 2021

Grandparents Day.   Celebrated every second Sunday of September, Grandparents Day in the Philippines usually means eating out, giving gifts or flowers to your lolo (grandfather) or lola (grandmother), or treating them out to nice and relaxing pamper day.  Philippines started celebrating this occasion in 1987, and it has since been one of the most important events in the family, especially because of the close family ties in Filipino family culture.

Also, in the Philippines, grandparents are not just treated as an extended family member: they are still being considered as part of the immediate family because some would still live with their children even when they already have families of their own. Usually, grandparents are the ones who take care of their grandchildren when the parents are away. They play a special role in a child’s development, especially when it comes to teaching values, respect, and affection that helps influence a child as he/she grows up.




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