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2021, March 16.  The Murillo Velarde Map of the Philippines

Discovery of the Philippines by Ferdinand Magellan, 500th Anniversary

Printed by Enschede of the Nethrlands

Souvenir Sheets of 13



     500p  Murillo Velarde Map - Souveneir Sheet


First Day Covers:  Manila



The Murillo Velarde Map of the Philippines

Commemorating the Discovery of the Philippines by Ferdinand Magellan, 500th Anniversary

The Murillo Velarde 1734 Map Souvenir Sheet is presented by the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) as its commemorative issuance for the Quincentennial Commemorations in the Philippines this 2021.

This material is the synthesis of history, art, and culture - three aspects of Filipino identity which the Philippine postal service actively emboldens.

Its contribution to the history of maritime trade is exemplified by the numerous instances this exact map was copied and used as reference by succeeding mapmakers. The skill necessary to produce illustrations, engravings artfully, precisely rendered on what scholars regard as the “first scientifically based map” of the archipelago must be recognized. Lastly, it is a memorialization of our identity, our way of life; of Filipino ingenuity, indigenous knowledge, and humanity.

Each souvenir sheet contains the main chart of the Philippine archipelago as compiled by Jesuit priest Fr. Pedro Murillo Velarde from indigenous knowledge, accounts of fellow Jesuit friars, and previous cartographic references. The imagery of the map was rendered by indio Nicolas de la Cruz Bagay, an engraver and printer for the Jesuits. This stamp measures 102 mm x 180 mm. The left and right panels of 40 mm by 30 mm stamps contain the tarjetones engraved by Tagalog native Francisco Suarez.

The Murillo Velarde 1734 Map definitively reiterates ownership not only of our physical territories but also of skills, intellect, and artistry that have been inherent in every Filipino.




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