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2022, May 20.  National Heritage Month:  Slice of Life by Larry Alcala

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Setenant B/8, Miniature Sheets of 8;  Souvenir Sheets of Four




12p - Batangas Shellcraft Makers

12p - Cebu Guitar Makers

12p - Bohol Basket Weavers

12p - Bicol Blacksmiths

12p - Bulacan Mat Weavers

12p - Taal Embroidery House

12p - Ilocos Pottery

12p - Iloilo Rattan Art


Miniature Sheets of 8 - 5,000


68p - Souvenir Sheets of Four - 2,000

    17p x 4 Se-tenant B/4 - Cooking for a Fiesta



Artist:  Lauro "Larry" Alcala  (Natiional Artist for Visual Arts)

Layout Artists:  Agnes C. Rarangol; Ryman Dominic L. Albuladora

Coordinators:  Judith L. Neric - Filipino Heritage Festivals,Inc.  (FHF);  Elenita D.L. San Diego

Researcher/Writer:  Maria Abigail D. Tarroza

Aknowledgements:  Lauro "Boyet" Alcala, Jr. & the Alcala Family;  National Commission for Culture & the Arts;  The Manila Times;  Cultural Center of the Phiippines Library & Archives


First Day Covers:  Manila





National Heritage Month – Slice of Life by Larry Alcala

The National Heritage Month (NHM) 2022 theme is “Pamanang Lokal:  Binhi ng Kulturang Pilipino” which highlights the importance of preserving and promoting local heritage, as it impacts Philippine cultural identity. 

The iconic works of legendary cartoonist, illustrator, pioneer of visual communication and National Artist for Visual Arts, Lauro “Larry” Alcala, “Slice of Life”, published in the Sunday Times, beautifully illustrate Philippine local heritage.  Thus, “Handy Crafts” from the October 1, 1989 issue, and, “Cooking for Fiesta” from the September 17, 1989 issue, were used on stamps and souvenir sheets.

The elaborate and bustling “Slice of Life” by Larry Alcala manifests Filipino values and local traditions.  One is not only drawn to Alcala’s brilliant interpretation and relatable snippets of Filipino’s everyday life, but also to the playful inclusion of Alcala’s well-hidden caricature as a fun hunt for all Filipinos.




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