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2022, March 19.  UDENNA Corporation - 20th Anniversary

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.

Commemorative Cover with Slogan Cancel;  Commemorative Personalized SelyoKo



Commemorative Cover with Slogan Cancel


150p SelyoKo Commemorative Miniature Sheet /4 on 17p x 4 MCPO SK Personalized  (1,000)

UDENNA Corporation - 20th Anniversary  -  "Together we work for you"

Udenna Corporation, founded March 19, 2002 by Davao City businessman Dennis Uy, recently celebrated 20 years of service to the Filipino people through a virtual gathering online of its employees, partners and leaders last March 21, 2022.  

Udenna Corporation (UDENNA) is the parent company of the UDENNA Group of Companies. It is in the business of distribution and retail of petroleum products and lubricants under the Phoenix brand, and is also engaged in shipping and logistics through its majority-owned subsidiary, Chelsea Logistics and Infrastucture Holdings Corp. The continued expansion of the group in recent years has allowed UDENNA to grow exponentially and diversify its business portfolio to include property development, education, food, gaming, tourism, infrastructure, and telecommunications.

From its beginnings in 2002, UDENNA has successfully listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange two of its subsidiaries, PHOENIX Petroleum Philippines, Inc. (PNX.PM) and Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corp. (C.PM), both of which have become acknowledged independent challengers and leaders in industries with long histories of non-competitive environments.

UDENNA stands for: 

UNITY - Inspite of diversity, we are united by a common goal.

DRIVE - We are determined and passionate in what we do.

EXCELLENCE - We aim to be the best in everything we do.

NURTURING - We help, motivate, and encourage the development of our people.

NEED FOR SPEED - We act with urgency and seize the day.

ACCOUNTABILITY - We are committed to our individual performance and organizational goals.




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