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2023, May 26.  Tarlac Province - 150th Founding Annniversary

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Se-tenant Blocks of 4, Sheets of 40



Se-tenant Blocks of 4 - 10,000 + 10,000


16p - Capas Death March Monument (WW II)

16p - Tarlac Provincial Capitol

16p - Monasterio de Tarlac

16p - Canarem Lake


First Day Covers:  Manila & Tarlac





Province of Tarlac - 150th Anniversary

Tarlac was formally established on May 28, 1873.  It is a relatively young province, being the last in Central Luzon to be organized under the Spanish government. Until 1874, Tarlac was a part of Pangasinan and Pampanga. Nevertheless, the province earned itself one of the eight rays of the sun on the Philippine flag which symbolizes the first provinces to revolt against Spain in 1896.

Tarlac province has a rich history.  It is also the cradle of great Filipinos and those who fought against Spanish and Japanese invaders. Now, the Province of Tarlac is one of the progressive local government units in the country.

The land of Tarlac was formed when volcanic eruptions created the Zambales Range. This range was once an island separated from the rest of what is now Luzon by a strait from the Lingayen Gulf to the Manila Bay. From the continual activity of the volcanoes, its sand rested on the Zambales Range over the strip of the sea. There emerged Tarlac Province, a wide, flat, reclaimed land area, part of the great central plains of Luzon. Some great valleys of land became water where passenger canoes floated during the flood seasons from Manila Bay to Lingayen Gulf.




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