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RP Issues of 1964




1964, December 28.   18th Summer Olympics, Tokyo, Japan

Perforated and Imperforate

6s, 10s, 20s, 30s - Singles, Sheets of 50



1964, December 21.  Agricultural Land Reform Code

3s, 6s, 30s - Singles, Sheets of 50

1964, September 8.  Southeast Asian Treaty Organization (SEATO) - 10th Anniversary

6s, 10s, 25s - Singles, Sheets of 50



1964, August 19.  Negros Oriental TB Pavilion - Anti-TB Semi-Postal

5s+5s, 6s+5s, 30s+5s, 70s+5s - Singles, Sheets of 50



1964, July 23.  Apolinario Mabini Birth Centenary

6s, 10s, 30s - Singles, Sheets of 50

1964, June 19.  Dr. Jose Rizal in Barong Tagalog (Philippine Shirt) (Definitive & Official)

6s, 6s G.O. - Singles, Sheets of 100

1964, May 4.  Bamboo Organ of Las Pinas

5s, 6s, 20s - Singles, Sheets of 50




Articles by Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak


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