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1948, February 23.  Liberation of Manila, 3rd Anniversary - Gen. Douglas MacArthur

Engraved.  American Bank Note Company (ABNC).  Perf. 12

Singles, Sheets of 100



   4c  Gen. Douglas MacArthur - Singles (600,000)

   6c  Gen. Douglas MacArthur - Singles (400,000)

 16c  Gen. Douglas MacArthur - Singles (300,000)


First Day Covers:  Manila + 59 Chartered Cities & Provincial Capitals  (Known printed cachets)






Provincial Cancels (Iloilo, Lucena, Ormoc)




The Battle of Manila, February 3 to March 1945, was a major battle of the Philippine Campaign of 194445, during the Second World War. It was fought by forces from both the United States and the Philippines against Japanese troops in Manila.   The month-long battle, which resulted in the death of over 100,000 civilians and the complete devastation of the city, was the scene of the worst urban fighting in the Pacific theater.   Along with massive loss of life, the battle also destroyed architectural and cultural heritage dating back to the city's founding, and Manila became one of the most devastated capital cities during WW II, alongside Berlin and Warsaw. The battle ended the almost three years of Japanese military occupation in the Philippines (19421945). The city's capture was marked as General Douglas MacArthur's key to victory in the campaign to liberate the Philippines.



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