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1950, October 23.  Baguio Conference of 1950

Engraved.  American Bank Note Company,  Perf. 12.

Singles, Sheets of 100



    5c  Dove, Philippine Map - Singles  (4,000,000)

    6c  Dove, Philippine Map - Singles  (3,000,000)

  18c  Dove, Philippine Map - Singles  (1,000,000)


Note:  Quantities shown has taken into considerations surcharge of 1,000,000 out of 2,000,000 issued for the 18c.


First Day Covers:  Manila, Baguio City  (Known printed cachets)








In May 1950, upon the invitation of President Qurino, through the insistent suggestion of United Nations President Carlos P. Romulo, official representatives of India, Pakistan, Ceylon, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia met in the city of Baguio for a regional conference sponsored by the Philippines.  China and Korea did not attend the conference because the latter did not contemplate the formation of a military union of the Southeast Asian nations. On the other hand, Japan, Indonesia, China, and others were not invited because, at the time, they were not free and independent states. Due to the request of India and Indonesia, no political questions were taken up the conference.   Instead, the delegates discussed economic and, most of all, cultural, problems confronting their respective countries. Strangely enough however, the Baguio Conference ended with an official communiqué in which the nations attending the same expressed their united agreement in supporting the right to self-determination of all peoples the world over. This initial regional meet held much promise of a future alliance of these neighboring nations for common protection and aid.




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